Ep 1: It’s our first show

Hosted by Brett Cropley, Josh Kinal and Ross McQueen, Boxcutters will take you on a tour through the world of television once a week.

While the team likes to think of it as broadcasting on the internet (because of the high ambitions of radio potential) the show will take the form more commonly known as podcasting (a.k.a. computer-magic radio).

Where can you find such a delightful chocolate-box of tasty nougat information about television, what’s on it and how it could be better? Well, we haven’t worked that one out yet.

This week we’re talking about Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Game (The Mole), Sensible Funerals, MDA, the Green Guide (a reputable TV/media guide in Melbourne), Blue Heelers, Last Man Standing, TV advertising, Raywatch and heaps more.

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  1. How lucky am I? I get to have Josh and his possie in my loungeroom. When I am feeling really dirty I take them in my bedroom. The wife wasn’t too impressed when I tried it the first time but it grew on her. Now she joins in! Thanks guys. Keep up the casting.


    p.s. The wife bought me a huge box of poker chips!
    p.p.s. Check out http://orrong56.thestegs.com

  2. Youze guys are great. I felt like I was sitting around your lounge room late at night talking shite about TV – and loving it. I laughed out loud in inappropriate places … I mean, I was in the inappropriate places when I was laughing. I want to be a boxcutter when I grow up. Can girls be boxcutters too? I’m thinking of quitting my job and staying home all week to watch telly.

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