9 Had No Balls

One of our listeners, Chad writes:

I couldn’t believe there was a time when channel 9 didn’t use the balls on their logo, but I googled them, and sure enough you guys were right. (http://austvhistory3.tripod.com/Nine/nine.htm). Meanwhile, I remember the ‘still the one’ tag from watching kids shows in the early 80s, so that could be due for a change.


  1. Administrator says:

    Thanks, Chad. From here on in you will be known as the guy who googled nine’s balls. (Oh I’m so infantile).

    I’m really glad that you did some of my research for me. Nice work on finding that link.

  2. Of course, if you’re as old as I am, you’ll remember that channel 9 used to have a different tag back in the 70s – “We’re the one.”

    I still remember fragments of the jingle that went along the lines of, “We’re the one you can turn to, we’re the one, we’re the one (repeat)… channel 9”, with various personalities of the day looking at the camera, holding an index finger up and mouthing the word ‘one’.

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