Boxcutters Episode 7

There’s the usual batch of news, a whole world of anger with I Don’t Buy It followed by continuing anger about Channel 7’s Five Decades of Laughs and Legends/: The Naughty Bits and Princess Mary of Australia.

We have a new segment of Letters to Boxcutters which gives us a chance to justify what we do and beg you to love us.

All that and so much more (or maybe not but it just feels like it sometimes).

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  1. Clearly I watch too much television. I think it has come about since I bought the PVR as I can now record any and every show and watch them at my own pace without ads (even while the show is still recording). I watched most of the shows you guys discussed and thought you might like to hear a couple of my own points …

    The Shield – Too violent. It is a great show I agree. But even I can’t watch it and I love violence. I encourage violence whenever I can but this show is too much. When the cop went flying through the front windscreen after getting his head kicked in by his mate a few weeks back, I turned it off for good.

    Last Man Standing – I will really miss that show if it doesn’t come back. We (the wife and I) watched them all and loved them all.

    Hi-5 – Sadly it is off the air, but I would like to thank Channel 9 for running the entire season commercial-free. I now have them all on DVD for my kids to watch over and over.

    But my vote for the Best show on TV is Blokesworld (Stripperella was a close second).

  2. I hope you’re joking about the Blokesworld thing. Eewww. I know it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek ‘light entertainment’ (hah hah) but I think that’s just a thinly veiled excuse to show strippers gyrating and flash a lot of fake tits on the telly. I’m not at all prudish, just not at all amused.

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