Why, Seven? Why?

Well, Channel 7 has done it again.

Arrested Development and Scrubs have been canned in favour of a special encore screening of Desperate Housewives.

This means we are yet to all of Season 1 of Arrested, while new Scrubs have gone after a disappointing 2 episodes.

Why bother putting them on at all??


Hang about Boxcutter. Seven haven’t pulled Arrested Development and Scrubs… you’ll just have to wait until midnight to get your hit.

AD: 12am, Scrubs: 12.30am.

Update your video programming now!

This does raise a couple of questions though:

Given our conversation last week about anything after midnight being outside of the ratings survey scope, how are seven going to have any idea what sort of demand there is for these shows and is there any way they’re going to make it back to the human side of the witching hour?

AND, how much is seven paying for these shows that they can throw them away?


  1. Speaking of Channel 7, did anyone notice how they very unceremoniously ended the last-ever episode of Last Man Standing? It seemed as though the final shot was cut off abruptly – wham – cut to in-house promo for an upcoming film, with Last Man credits squished right down the bottom and running at super-speed – bam – next show starts – thanks for coming. All in a flash. I was sitting there thinking ‘What..?’

  2. Yes! I saw that – it was almost as if they’d faded the scene mid-sentence. I’d have liked to speak to Marieke after the final episode to find out if that was actually the way that it had been written and produced. I’ll follow it up for you.

    I’m used to networks being completely disrespectful of programme credts, though, in preference for hyping some piece of crap that’s screening elsewhere in their grid. The end of the Simpsons last Tuesday actually had programme content during the credits – dialogue from Moe and Homer – but it didn’t stop 10 squishing it up into the top left corner, fading out the audio and running promos for Ned Kelly and that piece-of-shit, Mythbusters wannabe/ripoff, Brainiac.

    Speaking of that insulting waste of broadcasting time – I noticed Brian Courtis gave it pick status in last Tuesday’s Age. You’d expect a journalist to be more discerning than to promote such junk.

    I’m really angry about Brainiac. Even apart from its ‘oh, we’re such funny fuckers. GEEZER!’ vibe, even ignoring the gratuitous female denigration, even without questioning how electrocuting somebody while they attempt to shave or pour champagne is in the slightest funny or scientific, at its most basic claim of being a show that conducts scientific experiments it is a complete fraud! Compare the “Brown Sound” segment – that you can play a sub-human-hearing-range sound and cause spontaneous bowel evacuation – between Brainiac and Mythbusters. Mythbusters tested the full range of frequencies sub-20hz, in the open, in front of the cameras, with no effect whatsoever. Brainiac put a guy inside a port-a-loo, moved everyone else and cameras away, played the sound, walked back to the port-a-loo, presenter opens the door a smidge, sticks his head in, pulls it out and nods at the camera. Oh, it’s true is it you fucking deceitful not-funny cunt?! Get the fuck off my TV.

  3. I’m picking up on some anger here… I saw the ad for Brainiac – lots of blonde women in skimpy outfits showing their tits and a little joke about them being ‘scientists’ – and decided to steer clear. Gratuitous female denigration seems to be making a comeback. Oops, gotta go – I’m late for my boob job and Brazilian and won’t make it to pole dancing class at this rate.

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