Boxcutters Episode 26

The games kicked off last night with the military precision that’s reminiscent of any episode of Boxcutters… like this one.

We talk about the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony – one hour of killer content sqeezed into four hours of air time.

Senator Helen Coonan unveiled a discussion document on the proposed new Australian media laws, while bringing up the hoary old chestnut of advertising on the ABC and just in time to be buried by the nation’s distraction with the games. We dig through the 40 page release to find out what they’re hiding.

Ross brings some Crap TV to our attention and Brett finds another reason not to buy those flirt messaging ads.

We take a look at Bert‘s culpability for the ratings woes of channel 9.

And we notice the ABC are ignoring the White House goings-on in favour of all the relationship drama going on around The West Wing – if you believe their promos.

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  1. fourthof5 says:

    Yet another good ep guys.

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