What do you get if not the Good Friday Appeal?

Well, if you were in Sydney, you’d have seen this on 7:

  • 6pm Seven News
  • 6.30pm Today Tonight
  • 7pm Home and Away
  • 7.30pm Better Homes & Gardens
  • 8.30pm Genghis Khan
  • 9.40pm The Passion of the Christ
  • 11.55pm A Story of David

Thank freak I didn’t have to sit through that! But that must have been the TV premiere of The Passion, yeah? I wonder when we’ll get to see that here in Melbourne… and I wonder if they’ll tout it as the premiere.



  1. fourthof5 says:

    Saturday Night is passion. Actually. Its got my blood up a bit. Its shown without ads and UNCUT. Talk about duel standards. If this was any other film other than something about JC with that much violence. It would never make it to the telly uncut.


  2. I’m not seeing it for tonight – is it next week? Oop, just found it – 10.20pm-12.35am Seven – Sunday 16 April 2006. Meanwhile, Sydney are getting Moonlight Mile – with Dustin Hoffman from 2002.

    That’s exactly what I was talking about in my mini-rant on the show this week about the christian influence pervading the media and politics. This goes back at least to the Tampa when the portrayal of the asylum seekers was essentially as some godless hoard that we had to keep out of our country at any cost.

    Constitutionally, we’re granted separation of church and state but we’ve got this huge suck-up to Hillsong Church by the pollies and they keep pushing the two together.

    The fricken RU486 bill debate got dragged into a debate about abortion – which it wasn’t any part of – because we’ve got this self-righteous former seminarian, with his hands on the controls, who is looking for any way to figure out how to get abortion banned.

    And Beazley likening Howard or Downer or Vaile to Pontius Pilate washing his hands over the AWB stuff… it just sounds put on from Kim. As does so much that comes out of his mouth. I really wish the ALP would just fuck him off and give themselves a chance of winning government – the chance of Kim winning, I reckon, is about 1%. He can’t deliver anything with any real conviction, he’s from WA – the state that voted in a referendum to secede from the federation – he’s nothing but a big, jolly teddy-bear… he’s a joke. Since that debate where he held out his hands and announced, “I want the job”, I’ve felt this. And I don’t think he’s all that smart either.

    The opposition needs to be a great big doberman, grabbing the throat of the govt in its jaws and shaking, with all the shit that AWB has brought down – on top of “WorkChoices” – but instead we’ve got a yappy little shitzu that can’t do anything but bark in a pathetic little yappy voice while nipping at the shoelaces. And Kim’s that pathetic little yappy voice.


  3. fourthof5 says:

    Haven’t heard this weeks show yet. But I have been teaching Ideology at uni. I too mentioned the christian influence pervading the media and politics . Gonna go and listen to the ep now.

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