Boxcutters Episode 32

It’s a huge week in reality TV this week with BB06 locking a bunch of strangers in the house and the Biggest Loser finally being decided tonight.

  • Our super-sexy reality correspondent, Jess McGuire, takes a moment out in a busy Sydney pub to give us the rundown on what’s happening in Big Brother land;
  • We’ve got not one, not two but three I Don’t Buy Its;
  • Josh explains his personal dramas with Foxtel and spills some little factoids about the state of our aging cable TV system;
  • AFL footy broadcast preambles are getting a little out of hand and Ross illustrates just how bad they are;
  • Crap TV takes a shot at some bizarre channel 9 end credits voiceover scripts;
  • And we take a dip in the mailbag, allowing Josh to backup his claim that We Can Be Heroes was the best thing on TV in 2005.

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