Ten turkey slaps Simpsons/Office fans

Looking forward to Tuesday’s Ricky Gervais penned Simpsons?

So was I…

Unfortunately it appears to have been bumped for yet another useless hour long Big Brother special, presumably to squeeze more unwanted housemates in place of the turkey slapping duo booted out last weekend.

It goes without saying how much this sucks, and what contempt it shows for everybody else other than the 2 or 3 remaining BB06 fans.

But don’t despair, The Wedge is still on at 8. I wonder what hilarious trouble that inarticulate sportsman has got himself into this week.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Bugger the sportsman: I wonder what shithouse impersonation will be on that cooking show?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Up until now I was prepared to tolerate Big Brother; if it left me alone I was prpared to reciprocate. However, with the long awaited Ricky Gervais Simpsons episode dropped in favour of an extra half hour of ugly, boring, bogans and skanks, it is now personal. I did not know of the change until about 7.35 on Tuesday night.

    I do not find the Wedge at all funny, which is a shame as I am reasonably low-brow. They just do not seem to put much effort into it.

    Anyone know when and if the Gervais episode will be screened?

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