If SBS did 1 thing wrong

I’m guessing that, like most people on Sunday night, I set my alarm to wake me up in time for 3:25am just in time for kick-off in the world cup final. My calculations were based on all the other times that the SBS coverage began half an hour before the match.

Of course for the final they decided to change their behaviour and start an hour before the game. Ordinarily not a problem but that half an hour could have been spent with some precious sleep. The last thing I wanted to do was start falling asleep half way through the second half.

It’s not a huge complaint. A couple of cans of Pepsi Max got me through but only just.

Pull your socks up SBS (in 4 years).*

*Actually, SBS did a fine job and should be commended. I’m just so used to whinging about the state of television that it didn’t feel right to not be able to find anything wrong at all with their coverage.

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