The Dinner Party Inspectors

This week I managed to make it through to the end of the Dinner Party Inspectors so I can enlighten you all.

The event was a small black tie dinner hosted by an 18 year old Oxford girl to honour the election of some conservative toff to some office position at the university. The whole affair was nothing more than a display of terrible arrogance the likes of which can really only be demonstrated by over-privileged British university student tossers.

At the end of the episode the two Inspectors wrote a letter to the hostess thanking her for the invitation and then criticising her for a few of the things she did poorly. There was absolutely no face-to-face advice or even meeting on screen between the hostess and the Inspectors. I suppose that’s why they’re the Dinner Party Inspectors and not the Dinner Party Helpers.

It is a ridiculous show and is of the sort I would ordinarily turn off but there is something strangely compelling about it.

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