Boxcutters Episode 63

Our first week on radio and… well, WE HAVE A FANTASTIC SHOW.

Now with 50% less news, we get a chance to bring more wonderful segments. Brett looks at My Australia in I Don’t Buy It, Josh looks at guest roles in television series and Ross takes a look at a very special Amazing Race.

We also talk about new Channel 9 shows for 2007.

Love it in different ways:

Slap us in the face:


  1. IE Tab will allow you to run IE within Firefox. Very handy.

  2. True… and I ran it for a while but then disabled it because of some system dodginess that I couldn’t rule it out for causing…

    One reason why Firefox has a much better security reputation than IE is that it doesn’t allow Active X – which the IE tab negates.

    And what’s wrong with running a simple, platform non-dependant player like the Flash one in YouTube? Obviously, if Viacom – the parent company of both Comedy Central and iFilm – needs to hold Colbert and Stewart hostage to users using iFilm, it can’t be that good to start with… If they had a simple, functional player that worked regardless of the browser, people would have been using the site a lot more over the past 6 years.

    If they claim it’s a DRM issue, that’s crap… I can isolate and download the FLVs from YouTube just as readily as I can from iFilm – if I could be shagged. YouTube made it so good and easy, there was little need to download a local copy if I wanted to see it at a rate not affected by internet traffic between here and the US and they provide the code to embed the content on any web site you want. THAT’s what I call a business model…


  3. Thats a good point. The YouTube model is a good one. I am sure the Google didn’t really think about the “sue” ideology before the bought it out right.

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