Boxcutters Episode 73

Roll out the barrel….

Hey all – Join us as we leisurely pick our way through the bits and pieces of television whatever for the week.

There’s News, so you are informed and update with all TV’s doings. It’s that time of year again so we take a look at the big ratings wars, focusing in on Monday and Wednesday showdowns. We lift the embargo long enough to rant and rave and rant some more about the insidious new footy broadcast deal. We dive into the somehow life affirming crapness that is The Con Test. There is a sneak peek at the new Series 18 of The Simpson. All this and a generous helping of Pork.


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  1. Ian Healy is a crap commentator. All he ever offers is biased comments on Australia instead of commenting on the game. For anyone that isn’t watching the cricket to see Australia is bloody annoying.



  2. Still listening, but based on the footy comments, I think Foxtel’s slogan sums it up. “If you dont have it, you wont get it”. I agree that Channel 7 has screwed up, and the AFL also has screwed up IMHO. Why the AFL? Well if kids cant see their heroes play the game, then they wont play the game, and kids will move away from footy.

    John Howard if you want to promote fitness, get the footy on FTA!

    BTW Fourthof5, the whole commentary team is awful on channel 9. I put on the ABC instead. The channel 9 commentary team is a world wide laughing stock, people in England were so happy to get rid of Mark “Hows my hair” Nicholas, while we were happy to take him. Thats how bad it is.

  3. Studio 60 airs in Canada on a Sunday night – the night before it airs in the US – so it usually appears on torrent sites Monday afternoon (Oz time). It’s a pity Aaron Sorkin is in a bit of a writing slump with this show; it started off so well. We are hanging in there out of loyalty and in the hope the show won’t spiral out of quality control.

    The Black Donnellys I think was always scheduled to take over Studio 60’s (US) spot during the Studio 60 hiatus beginning in March.

    Rob “Cut Man” Boxcutter

  4. The Wikipedia entry on Studio 60 quotes a Time Magazine story (Time Vol. 168 No. 26 US-edition) lumping the show together with other “phenomena that captivated the media for a spell, then turned out to be less than huge.”

    Could be a good name for a Boxcutters segment . . .

  5. When it looked like all games were going to be on free to air Andrew Demetriou was talking up what a huge win that would be for footy fans. By his own logic then this deal is quite the opposite.

    I agree the AFL has screwed up too. Once again the local fans have taken a hit in favour of the national competition and increased money. But it is not that surprising from them given the AFL has engineered so that not Victorian team has even been competitive come finals for the last 4 or 5 years.

    But that’s a whole nother argument.

    That’s interesting re: Studio 60.

    Rob – What else is on the list? Joey? Courting Alex? I should be able to think of more…

  6. catbrain says:

    Man From Snowy River – yes; Tom Burlinson – no… Victoria Tennant left Steve Martin for Andrew Clarke, who was in the TV series.

    I think ABC is considering a model similar to BBC, which is free downloads for 7 days after broadcast and then charging for it after 7 days. Given that it would be available for free at least for a short time, I could live with it – ABC could certainly use the cash.

    Re Lost: from what you say, perhaps there were some contract negotiations that had an impact on screen time?

    Difference Of Opinion is the ABC’s answer to Insight, without much of a contribution from the audience. A bit dull, really.

  7. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Ross: Also on the list of things that went from BUZZ to BUST were Snakes on a Plane, the OJ Simpson book and Sony PS3.

    A reminder, everyone, that the brilliant sci-fi cop show Life on Mars has just started its second and last season on the BBC. This is the show with John Simm as the detective who is hit by a car and wakes up in 1973. Fantastic stuff.

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