Trash – Both Here and Abroad

There are some stunning examples of humanity floating around on the TV at the moment, making for great watching.

Entertainment Tonight is going gangbusters on the whole Anna Nicole death, devoting entire shows to the aftermath in a fashion not seen by them since it was nothing but OJ, credits to credits. Of course they have been covering the whole Bahamas/Dannielynn/drug binge pretty hard since Smith’s son died in September last year and because of that they’ve been in the right place at the right time and in tight with that loopey possible father and great quote giver Howard K Stern. Riverting stuff.

Meanwhile closer to home the Jodi/Mercedes/Schapelle wars have been great current affairs fodder. If it keeps up this weeks entire Boxcutters may end up being one giant Raywatch.

Come back Media Watch! I would love to see their take on it all.

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  1. Here is a prediction on a title battle between TT and ACA.

    “Water Fight”
    People stealing water…. and it will end up with the camera crew being pelted with water balloons.

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