PBL Buys Nine(WA)

Reported in the Age today, PBL has brought Ch. 9 – the W.A. Flavour.

“The acquisition of Channel Nine Perth is a good strategic fit with the Nine Network Australia…”

I suppose when your hair is on fire, buying anything that starts with ‘Channel 9’ would be a good fit! 😉

PBL buys Channel Nine Perth (via The Age)


  1. Daniel G says:

    Wow… this now leaves NWS-9 in Adelaide as the only Nine station not owned by PBL (it’s owned by SCB).

  2. The report I heard on ABC today claimed that Perth was the only one they didn’t own… I thought Ross was going to have to apologise again. Is SCB Southern Cross Broadcasting? That’d be the same company that owns 3AW here in Melbourne.

    It’s an interesting move, given the amount we’ve heard about Jamie not being interested in TV and wanting to shift focus to casinos. Also given PBL’s new investors. Perhaps they’re preparing to offload the entire network and figure, if they have the full set, they’ll be able to leverage a higher price than the sum of its parts.


  3. “Proudly parochial, Channel 9 Adelaide is the heartbeat of the state and is committed to the community.”

    I’d think Proudly parochial pretty much describes most of Adelaide. They might as well say We’re Hillbillys and We Like It That Way.

    Looking up the chain at the greater SCB, obviously the number on the dial doesn’t worry them from state to state.

    They’ve got Channel 9 Adelaide, Southern Cross TEN in Vic, NSW & QLD and Southern Cross Television over satellite in the north.


  4. All I seem to be doing is apologising of late.

    Do you really think they’re playing Monopoly Brett? I can’t imagine having Perth would mean a greater sales price for the netwok (aside from the fact it is now four stations not three). Then again business is really not my strong suit.

    It is an interesting and unexpected move. It makes sense from a television point of view if they want to win the national ratings – 9 Perth has been a disaster for them, now they can pull them into line.

    But as Brett said all we have heard from PBL of late is hoorah casinos, boo television.

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