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More cereal news (and thanks to Catbrain for giving us the heads-up in case we missed it)…

Monica Attard said at the end of last year’s series of Media Watch that they’d be back this year just as unforgiving as ever.

ABC’S Media Watch will give its victims a right of reply on air — if they dare.

The program that is loved by the public and loathed by the media returns on Monday.

Presenter Monica Attard said yesterday that invitations had been sent to seven or eight people whose work will be featured on the program, offering them a right of reply on air. Correspondence from journalists and news organisations targeted by the program is posted on the Media Watch website.

The revised format comes ahead of next month’s implementation of new editorial policies at the ABC that emphasise impartiality and are intended to ensure that listeners and viewers received a broad range of views on issues.

The Age

For as long as I can remember, Media Watch has shown correspondence, trying to follow up with the offending party as to whether it had been a mistake, giving them an opportunity to recant or reinforce their stated views.

I can see this turning out to be another opportunity for repeat offenders such as Andrew Bolt to get their head on-air, ignore the matter at hand and continue spouting their crap. Yeah, I can see why they should have that additional exposure in the name of fairness and balance. NOT!

I guess all will be revealed this Monday night when Media Watch returns.

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  1. I liked the way this idea was handled on Top Gear. Highlight the image you want, then flash the opposing view on screen for a 10th of a second to make sure both views are aired 😀

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