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Every night it seems we are getting a “story” from Channel 9 News about the building of the pool at Rod Laver Arena. First there was a name contoversy, then Ian Thorpe came to vist, then they put concrete in, then Madam Butterfly flew in, now they are putting water in it…

Putting water in a swimming pool is hardly a news story, even in draught stricken Victoria. No one cares about the stupid swimming. I know Channel 9 will be broadcasting every tedious stroke in an attempt to claw back some ratings after 7’s pounding start to the year, BUT IT IS NOT NEWS!!!

Stop diluting your news with this hacky, cross promoting crap.


  1. My question is… why the f*#k are the “making” a pool and the Tennis centre when the Government just finished developing a world class swimming centre (used at the commonweath games) at Albert Park. Surely it makes more sense to hold it there. Even if the GP is on that pool isn’t part of the GP event structure. People could still go to the swimming while the GP is on.

  2. Exactly. Couldn’t agree more. How much did they spend on that stupid Comm games pool anyway? Surely it was for events like this??

    I suppose it is ‘government logic’ – like Tony Abbott claiming that because his approved hike in health insurance prices is going up by less than recent similar hikes people are actually saving money.

    Stupid swimming. And cross promotion or not I am sure it will rate through the roof.

  3. I didn’t know that Victoria was stricken with draughts. If this is the case, can’t we just put those snake thingies under our doors?

  4. No, no, no dishy. He’s talking about the fact nearly every pub in Victoria has Carlton on tap and why can’t we fill up the pool with that instead of water.

  5. If they did fill the pool with beer maybe they would be having better luck with ticket sales.

  6. Nah wouldn’t happen. With all that “yellow” water, no one would go near it 😀

  7. What? Melbourne’s having a beer-drinking contest? Sounds like great TV.

  8. This week we have found out (on seperate nights) that apparently the water is all green and that you can’t see from certain premium seats.


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