Boxcutters Episode 78

Last week is in the past. This week is in the now… or present… or something. More poignant thoughts are discussed in this fantastic episode of Boxcutters. We talk about The Black Donnellys and This American Life as well as throwing out a bunch of criticisms of our Communications Minister.

Plus Josh really wants tickets to see the Pixies.

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  1. Don’t be criticising Family Guy!!!!!!
    Those random moments are what make the show. So often comedy is too predictable and as such, while amusing, not particularly funny. The randomness catches me off guard, that unexpectedness makes me laugh. I generally have tears in my eyes watching Family Guy (and more so with American Dad).

    Senator “Cheesey photo face”-nan is a recalcitrant. Much like the rest of the backwards current government.

  2. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Brett’s special fancy (the cloak) has never let me watch the video content on Showtime US ( It lets me navigate around the site ok, just not to any streaming video. Can you post a link to a special fancy that does?


  3. Family Guy is a show I have warmed to. I used to hate it but its the only animated show that makes me laugh (along with a occasional South Park). American Dad however sucks big time.

  4. Ahh the pork was classic! I’ll definately be passing this over to the GF. I stand up and scream at the TV when Coonan comes on and spouts her “Pie in the Sky” stuff about broadband. The GF always knows who is on the TV (oh I sometimes scream at Howard). If I had a broadband connection I would upload it on Youtube. Also loved the comment about Aussie fans of Battlestar Galactica. BTW guys there is also a DVD movie coming too.

    Did I hear you say that Torchwood is going to Channel 10? While I’m happy its coming, I seriously doubt 10 will stay with it for more than 3 eps. Guess its another DVD for me!

    Rob, maybe try the sites at there are a heap there but they dont always work properly.

  5. The Catch-Up is live and has changed their desk and moved the view so the audience is to the left of them (right of screen) now and the background is the actual set. This happened 2 weeks ago.

  6. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Thanks for the link, Nigel. I can get there but it keeps telling me I need the latest version of Flash Player, which is annoying because I have the latest version installed! Grrrr.

  7. catbrain says:

    Has thecomedychannel already screened new eps of South Park? Because I know I’ve seen the manatee ep (brilliant) and I don’t download it or watch on YouTube.

    How many actual units are used for the OzTam ratings, or is that a closely guarded secret?

  8. markymarc says:

    Just the right amount of granola:)

    and here f*ckn here on coonan. she’s a retarted, wierd-haired, cow who’s stunted our media future again and again and again…

  9. Did you get Pixies tickets?
    (I know this won’t help, but a friend went, he only got himself 1 ticket) and said it was the greatest gig he’s ever been to, and is considering not going to another gig ever again)

    Except the Pixies on Wednesday.

  10. Thanks, Bolden,

    I did manage to get a ticket for the V-festival this Wednesday. A very good citizen was selling a spare ticket for face value in Row M.

    I am very excited.



  11. I used Brett’s special fancy to watch This American Life via the Showtime site with no dramas. I thought the navigation on the Showtime was awful but the video worked fine.
    I think Family sucks hard – I think Trey and Matt said it best when asked what the meanest thing anyone has ever said about them Stone replied “When people say to me, ‘God, you guys have one of the best shows on television. You and Family Guy.’ That fucking hurts so bad”, to which Parker agreed: “Very well said. It’s such a kick in the balls.”

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