Get your red-hot talking Coonan Parrot dolls

Hot off the Boxcutters production line, where starving, one-armed Pakistani orphan children work their nobbled, spastic fingers raw tying pull strings 18 hours a day, for $0.57US a day, the Boxcutters Talking Coonan Parrot doll.

Be quick because this limited item will be rampaging out the door for just $19.95 from the Boxcutters Superstore o’ Love and, once they’re gone, that’s it.

The Boxcutters Talking Coonan Parrot doll


  1. There is no talking Coonan parrot doll.

  2. Sorry Dishy, they were such a hit they’ve all sold out.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our next Boxcutters special edition release.


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