Boxcutters Episode 84

Huge show. Logies wrap, I Don’t Buy Propaganda, Raywatch, Crap TV all top and tailed with News and Pork.



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  1. Screaming Asian Girls – Yes
    Jackie O – No

    Ok, on ACA and TT doing stories on Rove etc. What I see happening here is that 9 and 7 are keen to use (in this example) Rove’s star power to get people to watch. They make sure that they don’t advertise his show or Ch10 at all, but get viewers in to watch their own shows.

    If you are a Rove fan, and you see Ch9 are going to do something on him, you’d more than likely watch it. This is the same reason 9 will do stories on Star Dancers, to attract that crowd, they’ve done the same with Idol and Big Brother. (to name a few that I recall…… and also that I sit yelling “this is not a current affair, this is not news!”)

    Paul Boxcutter.

  2. markymarc says:

    did anyone else find the last minutes of their download didnt exist? (yes i direct downloaded)

  3. Yeah, I did – stopped mid-sentence at about 1:05:45…

  4. Yuppieville says:

    Yeah I noticed. I thought it was just an iTunes thing (yes I use iTunes, please don’t hate me). Did we miss out on much?

    Re: Scrubs. Yes, it may be a poor shadow of its former self (the characters are mere caricatures of their earlier forms, displaying the subtlety of a mallet to the head), and yes it’s only trying to be funny. But by gum, it does the funny well. It may not have the soul it had in earlier seasons, but it’s still one of the funniest sitcoms on air at the moment (though it doesn’t have much competition; two-and-a-half/five men, anybody?).
    And although I haven’t seen the later episodes of the current season (I’m watching the 7 feed), I reckon there’s a chance for some good old fashioned drama in the form of a medium-to-big plot development (which I had spoiled for me).

  5. Ah g*#(-d@#^( m#$&)(f@&!^er!

    There was a problem with the space running out on the server. Sorry about that everyone. The full version is uploading right now…
    94% up
    96% up
    All done.

    The real Episode 84 is now available – it runs to 1:10:48


  6. Yuppieville, I can’t imagine that the JD’s baby thread is going to be abandoned – it’s just sitting there in the background, stewing.

    I couldn’t believe his girlF did that to him. Obviously there’s more going on in Scrubs than random laughs – it’s no Family Guy – there was great pathos in the episode where JD went up for the first baby scan and then got hit with a serious case of entrapment. “There’s no baby. Say you don’t love me… Say it! SAY IT!”

  7. My question is, did anyone see the nipple slip from the chick who won for SBS ??

  8. Nigel P says:

    Just to clear it up for Josh. Twin Peaks season 2 is avaliable in Australia in two parts (god knows why!) for around $36 each (I think thats what I paid). In the US Twin Peaks Season 2 is a single pack (the way it should be) for the full $60 or so.

  9. Nigel P says:

    Sorry I forgot to post this, just remembered, cant seem to edit, maybe I’m just too stupid to work this thing!

    On “I dont buy it” I have problems with the ads too, I jumped up and shouted “**** Howard stop electionering”. They dont inform me about what they are doing, and if you notice at the end of the advert they say something like “well be informing you of the changes in the future”, which means we will be hit for more.

    I also changed my private health insurance last night and I had to sit though a whole bit before being connected (ala an automated message) stating that you should not ask the company about the governments changes to private health insurance but actually check the website at …… If the government was serious about “informing” the public they would also inform the private health insurance companies!

  10. catbrain says:

    It is a well-known fact that children are better able to distinguish sounds than adults – one of the reasons why it’s easier to learn another language when you’re younger. You’re right, though – it’s not that difficult to tell… c’mon people!

    Skeletor (aka She Who Must Not Be Named) now has a $1m baby bonus.

    Josh, I believe you meant to say Malachi Crunch.

    Pirates… sooooo 5 years ago. Mark Burnett should keep up – it’s lolruses now.

    Mein Gott! Those Logies acceptance speeches were so bloated!
    I thought Dave Hughes’ opening piece was alright – you’ve gotta hand it to him for calling Kyle Sandilands “a complete dickhead” and “arsehole” to his face on national television. (oh yes, he plastered the smile on because he knew the camera was on him, but I bet he wasn’t too happy inside).
    Aaron Jeffrey and his bogan humour: “Best boobs – makes coming to work a joy” – delightful.
    The oldies were hosting last year: Bert Newton, Daryl Somers, Ray Martin, Lisa McCune and Georgie Parker.
    I’m quite happy never to see Rob Sitch again.

  11. @fourthof5: I don’t remember an SBS chick getting up… The only thing I can think of that SBS won was the sports coverage for the World Cup when Les got up (I fast forwarded that speech). Are you thinking of the ABC acceptance for a story on Lateline with Tony Jones in the background? That was where the left (her right) side of her top was sitting low… I didn’t notice any slip though. Lots of cleavage but I think that was mostly intentional.

    Someone brought up, tonight, the number of dresses with sparkly bits around the necks. It looked like there were broken bits of mirror stuck on material in a rough mosaic kind of way. I’m not sure if it was the motif of a specific designer or if it’s just what all the girls are wearing this season but it did make them all look a little samey.

    I was a bit surprised to realise that I’d paid so much attention to something I really couldn’t give a shit about. I guess that’s what standing for 2 and a half hours, watching the beautiful people walk by, will do to a guy. I noticed that and I noticed Bindi Irwin is teeny tiny in real life. They must use the macro zoom when they shoot her shows.

  12. catbrain says:

    I’m constantly surprised at how teeny-tiny most people on tv are – not just the kids. Then again, I’m 5’11” (180cm). I’m sure it’s about small people fitting well into a camera shot – blatant discrimination!

  13. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    catbrain beat me to it. Yup, that’d be the Malachi Crunch. Karachi Crunch, is a kind of “Bombay Mix” spicy snack I think. Karachi King is a kind of hockey stick. Bernard King was something else entirely.

    I hope I’ve been of help.

  14. @Brett.
    Susie Porter in RAN (Remote Area Nurse)

  15. Ahh… I know why I wasn’t paying attention now. I like Susie Porter and I was taken aback by her hair on the night – very straight, quite long and platinum blonde – and how much her freckles had been toned down. I wasn’t looking for any slippage because she spent half of all her screentime in Better Than Sex topless… Or is it more erotic when a nip flash is accidental and in front of a huge potential audience?

  16. No I think my brain was just starved for “something” whilst watching.

  17. Dave Hughes at the logies: I listen to Nova, he had a tape of Sandilands admitting if he hosted he’d so the same thing….. but then goes on to rant about Hughsey being a pole-smoker and if he saw him he’d ‘snap him like a twig’ — reminds me of that great stoush with Sandilands and Frenzal Rhomb
    (now that is a great mp3 to have!)

    Sandilands is a massive dickhead.

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