Boxcutters Episode 87

Big name guests! We gottem. (Queen Josie from Chartbusting 80s is in to tell us of her television adventures.)

Actual prizes for our listeners! We gottem. (Really, we do. No more joking around about this.)

Huge announcements! We gottem. (But I would rather not spoil the surprise.)

Also the Golden Age of Television takes a turn to the half-hour dramedy, Telstra ads are not bought and an international Crap TV.

It’s Boxcutters and it’s all about television.

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  1. markymarc says:

    honestly – best episode in weeks.

    why am i stll awake?

  2. catbrain says:

    You are!

    I can’t believe all the fuss surrounding The Great Climate Change Swindle, considering the station’s adult demographic and the fact that the ABC is under tremendous pressure to be “balanced” – do you really think that the normal ABC audience will be uncritical when watching it? It’ll be giving the climate change believers something to laugh at – it’s a dark comedy, right?

    Re Journeyman: I get the impression that it’s less Life On Mars (he’s stuck there) and more Quantum Leap (back and forth)

    Re Chartbusting 80’s on SBS: wtf?? That’s just completely bizarre that they can’t reconsider a previous decision about programming… and how multicultural is RocKwiz ffs?

    Re GAoTV: these shows reflect a postmodern sensibility, don’t you think? Boundaries have been blurred, there are no absolutes, as well as the whole “authenticity” angle – which is why shows like 7th Heaven had to go.

    So, what’s the deal with prizes? All correct entries in a hat? First correct email received? Win Bin? I hope you guys have thought this through – it could be a shitfight… *grin*

  3. You used the word “nerds” to describe the people protesting Jericho’s cancellation. From my online encounters with people who participated, they don’t seem like nerds to me.

    They seem more like creepy “family first” types who want “wholesome television” to watch with their children, and feel like they are on some moral crusade to save the world from reality TV and “gutter values” including profanity.

    I find it both amusing and quite disturbing. Isn’t “wholesome television” an oxymoron anyway? They remind of a combination of Bible-belt Americans, anti-abortionists, and rabid home-schoolers. And this combination has fused with the decaying brain of a couch potato.

    So, they want to take a moral stand but do it to preserve the goodness of TV, from their couch and the “remote boat.”

    In other words, they seem a lot like the kind of people who would order nuts online instead of just buying them the next time they do grocery shopping. And they think they are saving the world by doing it.

    Nuts online, indeed.

  4. Who buys nuts online? Or indeed any foodstuff?

  5. Rob Boxcutter says:

    This has nothing to do with BCep87 but . . .

    Oh my god. The FilmBuffs podcast feed has caught up to the most recent show. I don’t think we’ve been here before . . .

    Goodonya, Brett! Break out the bubbly, someone.

  6. alex boxcutter says:

    While I won’t be going out and ordering any nuts online or homeschooling my kids or any of that crap I must say that I did get into Jericho and wish it hadn’t been cancelled.

    It had answers to questions in a timely fashion and even though the last few episodes sucked hard it still looked set for an interesting 2nd season. Sure it was a bit too holesome and could have really been something special had it really gone for the violence, fear and confusion that would no doubt come after a nuclear apocolypse.

    But I guess the family and small town angle was expected to rate better in the mid west than mad max 🙂

    It’s all about how the show was skewed, it was skewed for families and not (as it should have been) to the (early) millenium and x-files audience. And that was the problem.

  7. Foodstuff over the internet? If you are going to buy anything over the internet surely you are much better off buying high quality bags and accessories… ahem

    I wasn’t trying to suggest anything about people who like Jericho, just the nuts senders.

    I agree with Alex. Jericho had a great premise which should have been a great show, but overall it was far too cheesey.

    Maybe they should be sending the network cheese…

  8. @Rob Boxcutter: It’s amazing, isn’t it? And it’s all thanks to catbrain – she’s great. After being neglected for so long by me, the Film Buffs podcast is now in good hands.

  9. @catbrain: on the prizes, you’re assuming we’ll get a correct answer to this week’s tricky question. There seems to be a common misconception about the BR tag – maybe because Josie has made jokes about it over the years. You might have to look a bit further back into the affair. By the way, whoever wrote this article in The Age got it wrong. Maybe I should see if Josie can give a clue on the season final show on Thursday/Saturday night – Channel 31 – Thursday 31/5 at 9 – Saturday 2/6 at 10:30.

    Because of the nature of podcasting, the prizes aren’t awarded to the first correct answer. We’ll take all answers up until the next show day and then let the magic 8-ball confer in private.

    That’s right folks, the giveaway’s still up for grabs. Plug in your pod, listen carefully for the question and send in your answer to gimmesome at boxcutters dot net

    (I’ve gotta set up that feedback form soon)

  10. Who buys nuts online? Or indeed any foodstuff?

    Well, I do buy my steaks from the New Yorker.

  11. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Well done, catbrain, for the filmbuffs podcast work!

  12. catbrain says:

    Why, thank you, RB – I do what I can.

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