Ep 102: The Chaser, Summer Heights High, Cake

Arguments aplenty in this week?s instalment as we examine The Chaser’s APEC stunt, look at local hero Chris Lilley’s new production Summer Heights High, go slightly further a field for the New Zealand via New York lunacy of Flight of the Conchords and dissect a doco on the Human Brain.

Plus when we get sick of arguing with each other then we pick fights with those who have been kind enough to write and can?t answer back in Letters.

Don’t just sit there reading – write in to the Quiz for your chance to win some Crumpler coolness.

102, tomorrow’s podcast today.

Oh, and thanks again to Catbrain for this week’s delicious cake.


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    1. Pinky Tuscadero was Fonzie’s long-lost love. In fact, they nearly got married. She was the woman the Fonz nearly gave it all up for.

      Leather was her little sister. Suzi Quattro played Leather. She didn’t play Pinky as well. Pinky got Malachi crunched. She wore all pink. Leather wore all leather.

      Then they all jumped the shark.

      Brett, who the fuck doesn’t know this stuff??!

    2. Congrats guys!

      I’m siding with Brett on the Summer Heights High thing. If I recall correctly, We Can Be Heroes brought in loads of non-actors, gave them a rough idea of what to say/do and put them in front of the camera. So technically no reading of lines, as such.

    3. Yes but, Adam, it’s still acting. Brett actually said they weren’t acting. That implies it’s real. They’re getting paid for pretending to be something they are not in an entertainment context. They are now, officially, professional actors.

      What they are doing is very hard and they should definitely be commended for the great work they do.

    4. I agree that technically, yes, they are actors becuase they’re acting, and I’m in no way detracting from their excellent work. However, it’s my understanding that they’re neither professionally trained nor reading set lines, and that this was Brett’s point. Brett?

      Regarding the characters: I think there’s a lot more Lilley wants to do with Mr G and Ja’mie, and it will all start coming out this week.

    5. I sent you the letter and kind of figured you’d adress it in this show so I looked for the letters part of 102 to have a listen of what you thought.

      First of all, I chose for the letter to be sent back to me through my email after I finished it and noticed it was a bit agressive so sorry if you also noticed that.

      Something else I noticed that brett noticed was that it does sound like i’m advertising. I know, I don’t know what happened there but I assure you, I’m just a happy customer. I’d appreciate you 3 not trying to find information on me, especially since it’s mostly embarassing football forums. I’m a bit concerned that you could even find so much. What are the odds somebody from Foxtel was going to try and advertise a product to a podcast anyway? The websites and IP might be easy to access but i’d appreciate some privacy.

      As for my point. I guess I didn’t really make it clear but I’d like to know why Foxtel IQ appeals to people who want to record Foxtel when you have just as much control as you would Foxtel channels over Free to air channels. Everything except 7 can be controlled easily, 7 must be controlled manually. It’s not just focused on Foxtel which I think was the point you guys were trying to make back on 91 or 90 or whatever it was (I’m now cruising up to 96 :D).

      Anyway, I’m glad that you found the letter interesting enough to put on the podcast, glad to see it resulted in a few minutes of discussion. Looking forward to catching up to all the rest of the episodes. Oh and what exactly qualifies me to become Max Boxcutter, trust me I’m not working with Telstra or any company associated with Telstra, am I in yet? 😀

    6. Of course you are a member of the Boxcutters Family, Max. Emails, postings and listenings is all it takes.

      When we first discussed IQ and IceTV, there were two FTA networks without their EPG published via Foxtel. Now there’s only one.

      There are issues with usability and function of IQ. Also, there’s no way for me to move a program from the box onto my computer for viewing on the road (which would save me a lot of time and heartache).

      I guess your letter just made it sound like IQ was perfect. It’s not. I’ve used better systems elsewhere in the world. We don’t have the same choice here and that annoys me no end.

    7. With respect to Channel 10 and their direct screenings. It could be direct, they could be getting it straight away from the US, but they have donwloaded too much and are being shaped :D.

      Then again once it gets to the 3 or 4th episode it will be moved to 3 am on Channel 10 and then cancelled soon after.

      As for Tuesday night, the Simpsons are both repeats these days. Channel 10 hasn’t shown a new one in a while.

    8. I certainly agree that the inclusion of Ten’s EPG helps the IQ become a better box. It will be interesting to see what 7 do now. There’s obvious advantages in giving Foxtel the EPG *and* in withholding it.

      Josh: Let’s hope IQ2 solves some of the UI niggles you have. I’m sure it’ll be nicer.

      I’m not sure we (IceTV) are direct completion to Foxtel… I think the #1 choice for a Foxtel subscription would be content. I can’t imagine anyone subscribing to Foxtel IQ just to record FTA TV.

    9. @Nigel

      Californication got over 1mil last night. I don’t see it going anywhere.

    10. Once again – wikipedia to the rescue!:

      Pinky Tuscadero was a character on the American television sitcom Happy Days played by [name witheld due to Quiz]. Tuscadero was a former love interest of Fonzie. Her tough sister was Leather Tuscadero, played by Suzi Quatro.

      Carol “Pinky” Tuscadero was the older sister of Leather Tuscadero (American born singer Suzi Quatro) who also dated “Fonzie” in a later episode. Just as Arthur Fonzarelli insisted on being called “Fonzie” or “the Fonz”, Carol insisted on being called “Pinky”, and usually dressed in attire to match. Pinky was slated to be Fonzie’s long-term girlfriend after her intitial appearances in episodes #64-66 and, in fact, commercials for the next season even began promoting [the] new character. When discord occurred between [the actress] and the cast and producers, [the] character was dropped; She was only mentioned briefly in two later episodes: where her sister Leather came into town to start a fresh life from reform school; and, when Fonzie was out of town at a demolition derby with Pinky.

      On November 29, 1999, [the actress who played Pinky] was arrested for firing a 12-gauge shotgun into the living room window of a neighbor’s house after a car alarm woke her up; she also shot the neighbor’s car and another car nearby. The neighbor was not home at the time. She pleaded no contest to the charge of firing into the house and was sentenced to three years’ felony probation on October 20, 2000.

      Uhh… that’s just uhhh-


      [Ed’s note — We have had to edit this entry because of issues with this week’s quiz. Please try to be courteous to others when posting information that could give away quiz answers.]

    11. Okay so I bollocksed that up then. No Crumpler for me.

    12. *having just listened to the SECOND HALF of this weeks podcast, Mords realises he’s completely bolixed up this weeks quiz*

      Uhh… guys? Guys?
      oh shit oh shit ohshitoshitohshit

      Now *THAT*’s what happens when you only listen to the first half of an episode on the train into work in the morning; Can you say “Gee Mords – sure F#@ked up this week’s quiz for all the other listeners, huhn?”

      Ahhh… crap

      Consider me the red-headed step-child for your beating pleasure…

    13. Hmmm…. feisty this week! Perhaps you guys should sign up for the reinvented Gladiators?

      Boxcutters Baked Birthdays is now in receivership.

      You mentioned Michael Pascoe leaving Nine like it was his decision, but according to his mates at Crikey, he was actually shafted by JA, the main reason being that he wouldn’t indulge JA’s requests for puff pieces on JA’s big business mates – he insisted on asking the tough questions.

      I notice in other places that the screenings of various programs in Aus shortly after the US are being referred to as “fast tracked”, rather than “direct”, which would seem to be more appropriate.

      Re Summer Heights High: I don’t subscribe to the view that, just because the camera is rolling, someone is acting. That would mean that Courtney Love can act. I think that Jonah’s mates are reacting to what’s going on around them in pretty much the same way they would if the camera wasn’t there. I think what’s great about it is that they can be so natural and not exaggerate or become self-conscious.

    14. David Boxcutter says:

      I don’t get the big deal with set-top boxes and DVRs. You talk of the expense – but there are simple and cost-effective solutions.

      Just get something like the Elgato EyeTV for around $200 to $300 and be done with it. Use your computer’s hard drive for storage (upgradeable, cheap, versatile). Then do anything you like with the recordings. Burn them to DVD, watch on a TV or your laptop, transfer to iPod, etc.

      The Foxtel IQ doesn’t let you transfer to your computer? That makes it pretty much useless. Why would anyone pay a monthly fee for a crippled product?

      I say control your own data, don’t get locked out because of a short-sighted industry.

      Oh, and the IQ is not the only way to record Foxtel broadcasts. You could just run the video output into your computer or a digitising box, and record that.

    15. catbrain says:

      Oh, and the IQ is not the only way to record Foxtel broadcasts. You could just run the video output into your computer or a digitising box, and record that.

      I don’t quite understand what you mean… is there a separate video output for each tuner within the iQ box? If that’s the case, I wish I’d taken more notice of the back of the unit!

    16. David Boxcutter says:

      I mean, just connect the video output from a normal Foxtel box without paying for the IQ.

    17. Very pleased to be able to report Jon Stewart will host next year’s Oscars ceremony and broadcast. Thought it could never possibly happen again after his last hilarious effort. The grand-daddy of event TV specials will once again be in good hands after the entirely vanilla, inoffensive and just plain dull effort from Ellen De Generes this year.

    18. catbrain says:

      @David Boxcutter: yes, that does work if you just want to record one Foxtel channel, but you can’t record one channel and view another, or record 2 channels and view a 3rd recorded program – for that you need the 2 tuners, which only come with iQ.

    19. catbrain says:

      In other news via Crikey today, there will be 5 screenings of Damages in Sydney, but only 4 screenings in Melbourne; followed by 3 screenings of the 2nd ep the following week.

    20. @catbrain:
      for that you need the 2 tuners, which only come with iQ.

      Hang on, doesn’t Foxtel screen everything 50,000 times? So unless you have two crucial sporting events up against each other, what’s the advantage of two tuners?

    21. catbrain says:

      You’re not going to believe this, Adam D, but there are some channels that don’t screen programs a gazillion times – Ovation and Showtime being 2 of them (and there’s no Ovation time-shift channel either). I know, it’s just wrong, isn’t it??

      The advantage is also that you don’t have to try and track it down at an obscure time that doesn’t clash with anything else. Are the other EPGs text/program name-searchable in some way? cos Foxtel’s ain’t at all, and YourTV doesn’t always cut it.

    22. True, but there’s always the BT channel. There are three reasons I don’t have Foxtel; that’s one of them.

    23. David Boxcutter says:

      but you can?t record one channel and view another, or record 2 channels and view a 3rd recorded program – for that you need the 2 tuners, which only come with iQ.

      I don’t think there’s enough good TV to justify that ability – and as Adam said, there’s always bittorrent.

      More power to those that enjoy their IQ – I think the reason I don’t subscribe to Foxtel in the first place is probably the same reason I don’t need the IQ and 2 digital tuner.

      I guess I do have 2 tuners, though. One is my EyeTV digital, and the other is the tuner built in to the TV set.

    24. Rob Boxcutter says:

      Did I only imagine Brett saying he’d do a solo podcast this week (in lieu of a ‘proper’ one) and anyone who wants should turn up to the studio and join in???

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