Yawn: The Emmy Awards.

Some good news and some bad news but mostly all boring news coming out of the US with this morning’s Emmy Awards.

You can see the whole list courtesy of Variety.

Discussion questions will happen after the jump (in case somebody’s waiting till later for some reason).

How the hell did 30 Rock beat out My Name is Earl and The Office for best comedy?
How much bigger will Jeremy Piven’s head get after this win?
Is Bertram Van Munster getting sick of winning for the Amazing Race?
Do we live in some kind of bizarro universe where James Spader can come ahead of James Gandolfini in an acting competition? Will he also be able to wipe the floor with him at a pie eating comp?
How boring are the Emmy Awards when you just look at the results and are they any more interesting when you actually watch them?

Really. I don’t know how much I care about this at all.


  1. I’ve never been a big fan of awards shows… but… Jeremy Piven FTW!

  2. I thought they were good actually. I thought Ryan would suck but he handled it rather well. The Family Guy sketch was funny.

    James Spader is a brilliant actor not to mention Boston Legal the best dramedy on Television. Sopranos won like everything else anyways. Good to see it off the air, bored me to tears.

    30 Rock is supposed to be insanely funny, probably why it won. I don’t mind MNIE but its not that funny. The Office – I just don’t get.

  3. catbrain says:

    Don’t forget that these shows are given the awards on the strength of the one episode submitted.

  4. I am just amazed as what a footnote the Emmys became this year – a shorted edited down version of the show starting after 10pm on free to air here. Plus it only got a run on Channel 9 News as an ?And finally?? and that was more about what the Australian?s were wearing (which is fair enough ? it?s not like anything showing on Channel 9 won the major award of the evening or anything).

    The edited down version was a better watch than usual though, I hope they do it again next year.

    I hadn?t really looked at the list of nominations prior to the event and I was surprised at the high quality. Sure there are plenty 2 & a Half Men and Grey? Anatomy type shows, but lots of good stuff too.

    Also, no shows swept. The awards seem to spread out fairly evenly over lots of shows.

    Great to see Joy, Ari and Locke pick up supporting awards (although for mine Ben should have won over Locke for Lost). Terrible to see Gervais, Spader and Sally Field all pick stuff up. All completely undeserved, especially Spader. His over the top nonsense in Boston Legal is not the sort of thing anybody should be rewarding.

    Sally Field?s speech was awful (?At heart my character is a mother, so this is for all the mothers of the world?). Good to see it parodied by David Chase in his speech. Funny also to hear Tina Fey thank 30 Rock?s ?dozens of loyal viewers?.

    Nice to see the Sopranos honoured twice with a standing ovation. It will be sorely missed.

  5. Spader plays a over-the-top character – I think that’s the point (like Shatner). I love Boston Legal and his character.

  6. Yes, really just isn’t my sort of thing, but he is obviously doing something right.

    By the way Mike, are you watching and/or enjoying City Homicide? Or Sea Patrol?

    (I know you’re a fan of Aussie drama. Just wondering how these stack up in comparison)

  7. ActualChad says:

    I didn’t even know the Emmy Awards were on until Californication was drawing to a close. I thought the recent hubbub was because the noms had been announced.

    If Ten is going to burn the Emmys off at the wee hours (well, the early wee hours – I call them the wee wee hours…) maybe they should do a Wogan-style Eurovision presentation locally: bit of comment and colour, bit of off-colour humour, bit of context for shows we don’t get or haven’t got?

    Make “the watching of the show” the show, not the show instead, which has apparently lost its appeal.

    Now there’s a hosting spot for Josie Perelli(sp?) if I ever saw one.

  8. @Ross – I think SeaRats is rubbish and only saw the first 2-part episode of City Homicide. I think CH is fairly good. Not my cup of tea though.

  9. My missus thinks SeaRats is the funniest show on telly right now… She especially enjoys NOT watching it, but instead sits in another room altogether and chuckles everytime I scream “this is crap!”, “they don’t do it like-“, “why the- Aargh!”.

    If not from the schadenfreude I get from working with (and pulling the piss out of) quite a few of the extras, I’d get no pleasure out of the experience at all…

  10. @MordWa: my dad’s ex-Navy and I remember things he’s told me about operations and most of his comments from the days of Patrol Boat on ABC… I’ve watched one ep of SeaRats and that sort of stuff was going through my mind too and out my mouth occasionally). Plus, the dialogue is so lame.

  11. True CB – and here’s the thing: it looks great, the scenery is as good as local TV could hope to produce, the cast are all solid actors (and not unattractive in the pants region, if you take my meaning), it has long-form storyline and a definite idea of where it wants to go. It *should* work.
    And yet- it stinks.

    I grant you you the scripting is horrible, owing mostly (i think) to the ‘sledgehammer of plot’. Anytime TV actors have to resort to ‘playing pantomine’ to make a script work – you know you’re in trouble.

    So – why does it rate its pants off? I’m really curious as to what the people who like it see in it…

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