Ep 110: Tom Elliot, WGA Strike, Aliens in America

This week Tom Elliot comes in to talk about the WGA strike in the US and what it means. We talk about Cane and Aliens in America in Fall Season and we discuss some more election coverage as well as the usual helpings of News and Pork.

Give it up for 110:

and let us know what you think.


  1. Great Ep guys.

    I heard he turd (otherwise known as Kyle Sandilands) phone in the apology to Dave Hughes on Nova, it was kind of interesting, I got the distinct impression that he had to do it because Nova do actually have each evicted bogan on the show the day after they get kicked out, and they also spoke with Gretel a fair amount, so in order for whatever BB/Nova deal that goes on, those 2 need to have their differences ironed out. I wonder if Frenzal Rhomb will be getting an apology? (now there is the funniest audio I’ve ever heard when Kyle and the Ho take Frenzal on!) If he apologises to them, then I’d believe the terminal illness angle….. but I figure the Hughsey apology was a BB smooth-over….

    And hey look, I know the quiz isn’t rigged, I’m lucky enough to have one me a cool crumpler thing ™ too, but saying it’s not rigged and then giving one to Tom Elliot (regardless of the fact I think he is more than worthy of one!) smacked of something not quite right! 😉

  2. Why doesn’t Brett ever know anybody’s bloody name, even when he’s going out of his way to talk about them in the Boxcutters news?!

    Anyhoo Gary (not Scott) Burns has forgotten more about… yada yada. Good appointment.

  3. @Bolden

    Just to clarify the Crumpler thing, it’s a condition of our arrangement that we have one per episode to give away. Our guests go out of their way to come in to the studio and help us out with the show so sometimes they get a Crumpler thing.

    Don’t worry good people, there’s plenty of Crumpler goodness to go around.

  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not a Nicole Cornes show anything but that. I live in the electorate that she is running in, it should be called the “Lets avoid the media” electorate. The Liberal candidate (its about a 5% swing needed) avoids the media too (Andrew Southcott) because he does so little for our electorate. Actually he does so little he claims that he does things in other electorates (such as getting CCTV for Mosley square), including electorates which have Labor members.

    If I didn’t hate my Liberal candidate I would boycott, but at the moment the only joy I will have is putting this guy last and having to have him for 4 more years!

    Maybe with the water thing they are all avoiding it because they dont want to get germs or even poisoned! You never know what the terrorists (especially those ABC ones) are up to.

    The Quiz isn’t rigged, I won one and then has to get Josh to sort out a method to get it to me. So if it was rigged he wouldn’t have picked me!

  5. Apparently Ch9 will cease broadcasting on November 23. Makes sense really.

    It must be true it’s on Wikipedia. Check out the last line of the history part


  6. aaah, the quiz, I only poked fun Josh, becuase you defended it so much without provocation, then gave one (completely justifiably) to Tom. I certainly don’t have a problem at all with it, I was just amused by what I saw as the irony, mmmm delicious irony. 🙂

    Keep doing what you are doing, and I’ll stop poking fun at the free entertainment you are all providing! It is appreciated.

  7. Soz Bolden, that was just a bit of my mischief-making on the spur-of-the-moment. Of course all our prize winners are legitimately, randomly selected.

    BTW, Jimbo, I’d read the story about Gary Burns returning to the NRL Footy Show but hadn’t brought it in as a news story. When it came up, Burns was the only part of his name that came to mind. I had mentioned, back when Gyngell’s return was announced, that Fatty Vautin had been saved being boned by previous management.

  8. catbrain says:

    1. FEEG.

    2. Wisconsin IS considered a mid-Western state, (although it’s practically in Canada).

    That is all.

  9. it is rigged! i got a crumpler!

    anyhoo, now that the unpleastantness of the fall season is almost behind you guys, make sure you all borrow Battlestar Galactica off brett.

    seriously brilliant television..

    and i dont hate you for it not being in GAT. you cant watch everything… (I’ve just finished season one of The Sopranos)

  10. btw, mediawatch was slightly relevant this week.. they opened with a great “i dont buy it…”

  11. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I must have an answer:

    If sugar is the new oil, what is the new pork?

  12. I could show you the new pork, if you really want, Rob…

  13. Let me guess, it’s on the video podcast?

  14. catbrain says:


    [It had to be said… it’s a bit like that scene from Blackadder the Third, when the actors are visiting and Blackadder keeps mentioning Macbeth]

  15. By the way, Ross, you’re absolutely right about Dear John. Judd Hirsch rocked.

    Those shows got me through uni. Loved Doctor Doctor. But it wasn’t paired with Dear John. You’re forgetting Night Court. The best cult show ever! I can’t ever watch John Laroquette’s star turn cameo in The West Wing (complete with cricket bat of course) without thinking of Night Court.

    Plus Paradise Beach.

  16. @jimbo

    Yes Night Court was brilliant but it was Nine late night fare. If memory serves correctly, Doctor Doctor, Dear John (and my guilty pleasure, Herman’s Head) were all Seven late night screenings (but I’m prepared to be corrected on this one).

    Judd Hirsch was genius in the role (as in pretty much everything he does) and Brett is on crack thinking Dear John wasn’t any good.

  17. ActualChad says:

    Re: new shows: has anyone watched Burn Notice?

    I don’t mind it: not rocket science, somewhat episodic with a light touch of story arc, Sharon Gless, Bruce Campbell and Gabrielle Anwar with a f*cking terrible Irish accent.

    Guilty pleasure.

  18. I tried Burn Notice but I couldn’t get through the first ep so I gave up. Not for me.

    I am pretty sure Doctor Doctor, Night Court and Dear John were all together in some kind of 2 hour mash up at some stage, with an hour of Night Court, the the other two. It was always pretty late by the time Doctor Doctor aired. And all on Ch 9.

    Then later of course was the awesome Pacific Drive with the evil disc jockey Trey Devlin who morphed into an equally evil serial killer and bumped off half the cast.

    And Pacific Drive introduced us to Danielle Spencer ie Mrs Russell Crowe.

    Course we can’t produce quality garbage like that ourselves anymore. Instead we have to import Outrageous Fortune from New Zealand.

  19. Phew – I feel a pretty big Raywatch coming on with the seemingly endless Chaser/Today Tonight stuff going on.

  20. No one will get to see this post I suspect because the new show will be airing tonight. But I don’t care. All I can say is Woo Who!!!!!

    Top Gear: Australia

    And you know its not going to be that Glenn Cliff-face shite.

  21. ‘Cliff-face’ – gold.

  22. catbrain says:

    Whatever happened to TG (UK) coming to Australia? There was talk of filming an ep or two here… perhaps this overtook those plans.

  23. catbrain says:

    Problem with doing a local version is that a big reason for watching is the repartee and smart-arsery of the hosts. I don’t think a local version will have anywhere near the following; nor am I saying that it should be a carbon copy (that would totally suck).

  24. I didn’t see these last couple of posts before doing Ep111 but surely it’s a shit idea. We get a sub-standard copy and surely won’t get the original and best…


  25. Bah. Given the far to “safety” conscious mindset of Australia these days, I think a show like this would take some steps into actually having a position which is about fun rather than constantly hammering the “world is going to end if you go 1kph over the limit” mentality. Besides how do you know its going to be substandard ? I suspect it will be more like 5th gear than Top Gear, but still, it will be a show where they don’t where safety glasses and gloves to chop chillies. That I think is a good thing.

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