Ep 115: East West 101, Five Days, Golden Globes

The black mist slowly clears revealing the fullness of the situation.

Tonight — Two new show reviews, one local, East West 101, and one international, Five Days. Award nominations time with the Golden Globes and the Writer?s Guild.

Plus News, Pork and the long awaited answer to last week’s quiz.

One One Five:

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  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Has SBS gone insane? They buy Top Gear, presumably for big bucks – and they don’t even have anybody to present it? They’re advertising to the general public for presenters?

    They obviously have no idea about Top Gear. The show is only a success because of the personalities of the presenters. You can’t just find random people, get them to talk about cars, and have it be Top Gear.

    As I said a while back, I downloaded some old episodes of Top Gear, and the only thing that it has in common with the Top Gear of 2007 is the personality of Jeremy Clarkson. Everything else was like a bunch of public servants giving a safety and economics assessment.

    Top Gear isn’t just a generic brand, it became what it is because of a specific personal chemistry among those who make it.

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    Oh, it’s not just about cars, either. I believe the presenters all have a background in journalism (at least Clarkson does) and finely-tuned bullshit detectors. There’s also the “we’re really snarky British curmudgeons, oh so British” thing combined with mock xenophobia, and hilariously twee ideas.

    Can you imagine if SBS just picked someone for their expertise in cars? Just think of some Aussie “car enthusiast” or worse, “petrol head” in this role.

  3. I wonder if Glenn Ridge can wriggle out of his contract with 9 for that Drive show.

    No, that’d be terrible.

    But I think David Morley would be a good candidate and imagine he’s applied. He comes from a strong journalism and radio background.

  4. Plus don’t forget EP Andy Wilman. He and Clarkson were at school together (Stig was their nickname for all new boys at their school)and invented the current format – changing it from a boring car safety show into a virtual sketch comedy show which happens to be about cars.

    Can’t be replicated in another territory with just any old EP, let alone presenters.

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