Ep 116: The Tudors

Joy to the world, Boxcutters is here.

For our last regular episode of the year we bump it up a notch with 2 I Don’t Buy Its. A Crap TV rears its head and we take a look at The Tudors and Satisfaction.

Hear the three *ahem* wise men:

Send your seasons greetings.

Have a wonderful and safe time over the holiday season and tune in next week for our ordered items edition.


  1. David Boxcutter says:

    Re: Awards shows & writers

    Did they actually negotiate with the writers, or did they just want an “exmeption” as Josh put it? Because if they didn’t want to agree/negotiate, then I can see why they got snubbed and World Wide Pants didn’t.

    Re: Thrush

    The classic treatment for thrush is natural yoghurt. It can be adminstered both orally and vaginally. I’m not sure if it also treats sand, however.

    Re: I Don’t Buy It

    What I don’t buy is the new ad for Ten HD. It shows a guy walking through some attractive street scenes, and into a beautiful meadow while “I Can See Cleary” plays. In the flowery meadow, he sees an ugly “high-tech” building in the distance. He enters this building, and is now surrounded by bleak white corridors. People wearing white coats surround him, and put him in a reclining chair, and spin him around. He ends up staring at a TV screen with the Ten HD logo on it. The whole thing is very clinical, like a bad trip to the dentist.

    The message of this ad appears to be that the world outside is beatiful and colourful – but if you decide to watch Ten HD, this soul-enriching experience will be replaced with sensory deprivation and possible probing by people in lab coats. You’ll end up strapped into a chair, Clockwork Orange style with your eyes clamped open.

  2. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Seasons greetings, Boxcutters all!

    I am slowly (very slowly) adding to my list of cities in which I have listened to Boxcutters (Melbourne, Vancouver, Hobart..) It was particularly special listening to the podcast while crossing the Burrard Inlet by sea bus to North Vancouver earlier this year.

    Re: Cricket KFC ads

    I think dubbing over real cricket footage while not showing the actual KFC product is in fact a very devious advertising measure. So many people these days hit the ‘mute’ button as soon as the ad breaks start; when they play these ads during the cricket broadcast (and you have the sound off) you think play has resumed and you turn the sound back on … just in time to hear all about KFC and realise you’ve been duped. Watching the test match this afternoon I noticed they didn’t play any of these as the first ad in an ad break, making the deception even more successful.

    Wily bastards!

  3. catbrain says:

    Capsule = oral
    Pessary = vaginal

    I think they’re trying to be clever/funny by trying to emphasise how easy it is to use a capsule and failing dismally.

    That is all.

  4. im sorry.

    i listened to ep 116 in 2008

    now i feel dirty.

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