Boxcutters Summer Edition 1: Alex Papps

Alex Papps is in the hot seat for the first of our Summer interviews. With an acting career spanning over 20 years, he lets us know just what it takes to move through the highs and lows of being an actor in this fine country of ours.

Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Papps:

Please, let us know all about your TV Week pin-up collection and your fondness for Humpty and Big Ted.


  1. Great special episode guys – I wanted it to go on much longer. I loved the stuff about being in the studio with Bros – that kind of information is so fascinating and an experience unique to so few people.
    I would love to have heard about how much of that popularity/TV week stuff is driven by the show or network and how much comes from a grass roots level. I remember watching Henderson Kids 2 and all my friends crushed out on Alex – I know he was the “leading man” but something about him stood out amongst all the characters in all the shows we were watching at the time.
    I’m not sure that kind of x-factor goes away – I think that Australian networks get afraid of using someone who was so popular just in case they are a bit daggy. It’s a real shame – it means that we don’t get to see good actors who start young develop on our screens. It’s as someone (Josh?) said during the show, that they need to go away or go overseas before we can see them working in Australia again.

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    Was just listening to Brett dropping some funky-n-old-skool choons on RRR, reminded me to check for a new episode.

    Though he should be called “DJ Granola” and wear a tablespoon around his neck.

  3. catbrain says:

    Great interview. You’re right, Lyndal, that x-factor you mention really doesn’t go away – I’ll freely admit to being one of the gawpers walking regularly past the studio windows whilst Alex was being interviewed!

    I think there’s also an element of familiarity breeding contempt from the audience (perhaps too strong a word) when we see the same people over and over in different shows – let’s call it The Georgie Parker Syndrome*. Get their faces off our screens and out of the news for a while and we come to respect them again.

    I had forgotten all about The Factory… and don’t forget The Saddle Club!

    * Is she really that good an actor? Perhaps she’s just very professional and very easy to work with… all her acting seems the same to me.

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