Ep 117: Peep Show

We?re back baby!! Cutting up them boxes and causing strife.

This week we review what kept us interested televisually over the summer months. Debate rages over the inherent hilarity (or lack thereof) in UK import Peep Show. And we Don’t Buy some ads from the tennis (both long and short form).

Plus all the usual news views and slander you’ve come to know and love.

117 — Hungry for your ears.

One One Seven:

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  1. HA! 30 ROCK!


    i just thought i was mad and was enjoying it in silence. Wait till you get up to the episode where alec role plays all of tracey jordans family. and anything with jane krakowski. i bought a kenneth tshirt in NY

  2. also HA FIRST POST!

    THE SYDNEY BOXCUTTING FAMILY is nothing if not punctual.

    for some reason the cap-locks key has become my version of TOURetteS

  3. I did find the POV camera a bit off-putting when I first started watching Peep Show, but I got over it pretty quickly, and think it’s quite relevant to the fact there’s a lot of inner monologue. Also you may remember Sophie from such movies as Hot Fuzz. She was also in the episode of The Office playing the reporter from the paper magazine while Brent is told by the motivational speaker people that they don’t want him anymore (I caught up on The Office over Christmas).

    2 83 57 36 108 -12

    That’s Numberwang. We’ll see you next week.

  4. Good to have you back boys!

    *30 rock, diet arrested development. but still incredibly enjoyable.

    *Peep Show.. yeah, the POV annoys me too, but there are still some killer lines.. perfect hangover television.

    and on behalf of all the geeks who listen, when are you gonna review Battlestar Galactica in full?


    (btw, you should really get back into twitter mr cropley, boxcutters has quite the following there. sad, lonely geeks watch a lot of telly. who knew? )

  5. Wayne Carey has been sacked by Channel 9.

    It has also been revealled he allegedly smashed a wine glass over his girlfriend’s face before allegedly assualting police in the states last year.

    In the end I guess Nine had little choice.

  6. I don’t have a problem with Peep Show. It doesn’t annoy me the way it obviously annoys Josh. I just don’t get that much of a laugh out of it.

    However, I have only just discovered The Thick Of It. Anyone know it??

  7. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Yes, Jim. The Thick of It is absolutely marvellous stuff, especially the press secretary / spin doctor – his barely contained fury is palpable even before he utters a word. I wish I could swear as colourfully and articulately. I think I’ve only watched five of the six 2005 episodes, and neither of the 2007 “specials”, but I have them all somewhere …

  8. Rob Boxcutter says:

    … or was he rather a political advisor in the PM’s office? A real head kicker, anyway.

  9. Yeah, Rob. Malcolm Tucker is the PM’s communications director. And enforcer. And he can swear for Britain! He just absolutely lights up the screen with sheer menace. Diabolical! And the Scottish accent just makes it even funnier.

    He’s very transparently based on Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s absolutely brutal communications chief.

    I’ve seen all six of the original episodes and the first of the specials. Unfortunately, before they shot the specials Chris Langham, who plays the minister, had been convicted of child p rn charges so he clearly wasn’t available.

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