Ep 128: Wilbur Wilde, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, jPod

This week Wilbur Wilde joins us as a special guest co-host. Of course we talk about working on Hey Hey It’s Saturday as well as a review of the Canadian show, jPod, and the answer to our very difficult quiz question.

Where the Wild(e) things are:

Let the rumpus begin.


  1. That SaveOurSBS site is at http://saveoursbs.org/
    Unfortunately, the petition has been delivered but there’s some interesting info on the site there.

  2. Spod Corner (sorry): The BBC only puts a BBC logo on shows it produced in-house. Hartswood produced Jekyll, which is why it didn’t have one.

  3. Great to hear Wilbur Wilde, liked his Vega show. Hope he gets back on radio.

  4. Good show guys – Wilbur was fantastic.
    One of the great disappointments in my life is that I will never get to try and catch money in a clear perspex box. I remember devoting hours to discussing the best strategy for holding on to the most money. I largely involved shoving cash between your knees and under your chin.

  5. Wow, Wilbur is a bit of a nerd! 😛

  6. Money blowing around a clear perspex box. For some reason one of this show’s many utings was in an early morning slot. I don’t know how it was deemed to be a kids’ show but there you go. Good God, I even remember the theme music. And I’ve discovered it was a Dave Clark Five song:

    Don’t say I don’t give ya nuthin.

  7. Definitely get Wilbur Wilde back – he’s a TV geek.

    My theory for the best way to get the most cash in the blowing box is to hunch yourself over it / drop to your knees just as they turn on the blower – everyone assumes that you have to be standing to do it, but I’m not so sure that that was a rule.

    Speaking of 3RRR podcasts and Nicholas Bell (oooh, that was SUCH a great question!) – there’s a pretty good interview with him on this week’s Film Buffs Podcast (clickety-click and scroll down for Film Buffs)

    What happened to Anna filling in for Ross – did Brett scare her away with all of his Crumpler fondling??

  8. Out of curiosity, how come Boxcutters isn’t on the RRR podcast only list ?

  9. hey,

    for divx / avi players, always go for the no name brands from china.

    aldi sell a dvd player every few weeks that does divx/avi for $35, including a front usb port. i bought one for every non-geek in my life last xmas so i didnt have to convert shows for them anymore.

  10. guywithoutaname says:

    I agree with FulltimeCasual. I have a $30 cheap asian divx player that runs better and plays more formats than our $500 DVD Recorder/VHS/Divx player and my hacked ps2.

  11. One of the best shows and that has nothing to do with Ross not being there.

    I really enjoyed the HHIS reminisce. It was interesting to here Wilbur say how great all the behind the scenes people were but very little mention of Daryl. Whether you like him or hate him he did bring a great show together.

    Please bring Wilbur back.

    Damn that question was hard. I spent an hour researching the answer and still got it wrong.

  12. Ahhhhh, CUIYC – pure TV gold for a 5-year-old. Loved the perspex box (if memory serves, contestants wore goggles and gold lame overalls???), adored the “stick your head into a bowl of jelly/custard/whipped cream and pull out the most items with your mouth”, and had an absolute cackfest at the kid who’d hide under those big plastic shopping centre benches with a $20 note either stuck to the floor or on the end of a piece of fishing line.

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