Ep 129: Courteney Hocking, Saxondale

80 minutes of nonstop Boxcutters with Courteney Hocking who regales us with tales of working in a network television call centre. We review Saxondale and there’s also a Raywatch and an I Don’t Buy It to keep you on your toes.

129 the goose drank wine:

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  1. You mean to tell me I’m almost in the Channel 9 demographic?? Holy Hell!!

    Does that mean I have to start watching Antiques Roadshow?

  2. This ep made me the saddest ever….

    I can just visualise poor little Josh in his florescent yellow monster house t-shirt, with matching cap, sitting on his couch…. waiting for his favourite show to start, leaning forward in anticipation, sitting through all those adds on ch9 for other shows on ch9….. and the look on his face when it doesn’t come on…… the re-check of the tv guide, the quick check of the calendar to make sure it is the right day…….. but alas no monster house for Josh……

    won’t anyone think of the Josh?

  3. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Cool – now I can add Brett’s iteration of “in July” to my audio mashup. The only one left to capture is Josh. You have been warned. Choose your words most carefully from this point on, Mr Kinal …

  4. Rob Boxcutter says:

    BBC press release about the start of filming of Steve Coogan’s new vehicle, Sunshine: HERE

  5. OMG, Rob, that does start the mind a-racing about what you could possibly be frankenbiting together from our little Boxcutters shows…

  6. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I’ll have Orson Welles’ bushy face going down on all you Boxcutters before the year’s out.

    Thinks: must trawl back through shows with Marieke, Jess and Anna for “in July” moments …

  7. Corrections:

    “Watch What Happens” is Arena’s new slogan which Bravo currently uses and not a show.

    “KG: My Name on a the D List” was on The Comedy Channel.


  8. scalpel4hire says:

    Hey Brett, not sure if this’ll stop you obsessing about Top Gear Classic (or whatever they call it), but I _think_ the reason SBS got out of sequence was to get the environment-themed show to coincide with ‘Earth Hour’ Saturday.

    (I have to agree it’s a little embarrassing watching them struggle along, not quite getting the magic, but I think we’re seeing glimmers now, of the greatness that awaits…)


  9. Two things…..the Fugly’s are taking votes so all the NEWStopia fans can get over there and vote for NEWStopia and Shaun Micallef for most underrated.


    Thing two….this was in the news today about ITV adding content to iTunes. For fans of choice on TV, to include international programming, this is another move in the right direction.


    I hope that Beyond or Jonathan Shiff will catch onto this and start to do the same.

  10. Hey S4H, I’m not sure it would make sense for SBS to show a Top Gear episode as part of the Earth Hour, given that they’re outspoken deniers of any sort of climate change or global warming. Look at the end throes of the episode with the race to the North Pole, Clarkson’s closing point was how it’s not possibly true because of the amount of snow and ice up there.

    Obviously he has a clear agenda in wanting to keep people interested in driving fast, high fuel consuming vehicles but it really does just make him look idiotic these days.

    There was also another instance of episodes being shown backwards that I noticed – without even checking episode guides – which was when they had the project to turn people carriers/mini buses into convertibles, when Clarkson started his introduction with the statement that they’d looked at a few different models the week before. The week after – on SBS – they’re reviewing people movers.

    I’ve got more to report next week so tune in for episode 130… it’s the one after episode 129.

  11. Hey Brett – I agree about Clarkson’s agenda. Not sure if you saw him on “Who do you think you are”, but he bashed greenies in that, too, blaming their ancestors for putting his ancestor out of business or something!

    And Josh – I’ve only listened about half-way through Episode 129, but I would guess that Andersen Consulting changed their name to Accenture because they no longer wanted to be associated with the self-imploding Arthur Andersen (Enron’s former accounting firm) – I haven’t checked it on factmonster, though, so I could be wrong…

    PS Congrats to Ross and his new son, Yancy! (I’m assuming that is Fry’s new brother’s name…)

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