Ep 130: Nelly Thomas, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother

This week the lovely Nelly Thomas joins us as co-host while Ross is still away. We talk about the start new series of Big Brother and the end of So You Think You Can Dance, all garnished with a lovely sprinkling of News, Crap TV, Quiz and Pork.

Episode 130:

Tell us all your secrets.


  1. I’ve heard some scary shit from Brett in my time but, “She’d smell like mints”, about Kerrianne, takes the cake.

    And that other shit is like asking Kevin Rudd to do the election report the night before the election. Rubbish.

  2. Nelly, it’s Noel. Episode 10 of series 4. The christmas episodes of the Wing are particularly noteworthy. I serve at the pleasure of the president, Josh. Screw you.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Friday night games.

    This year its personal !!

  4. From TVTonight:

    Naomi Robson is heading back to Channel Seven, to narrate the second season of Surf Patrol.

    “For me it was a no-brainer,” she said.

    This woman just walks into these things.

  5. Also, the thing about Big Brother that few people (particularly Endemol, apparently) seem to understand about the format is how well a matriarchal host counters the Big Brother character. Despite all her weird moments, Gretel did this very well. Kyle, on the other hand, couldn’t be less warm or detached. He doesn’t seem to care about the housemates at all. The balance is wrong.

    The other enormous problem is how controversy is courted in a show like this. It needs to happen organically. Last year’s UK celebrity version hit nerves because two housemates just happened to clash over a few quasi-racist exchanges. This year the Aus version (a) is putting people like Terri and that Corey party boy in the house, in the hope that these actions alone will generate ratings, and (b) has a host who wants to cause controversy. Kyle should be responding to the controversy within the house, not causing it himself.

    I’ve not mentioned Jackie Ho because what’s the point.

  6. Hey Jimbo… I actually said I thought she’d smell of baby powder – Nelly suggested the follow-up, though I’m not sure if it was mints or mince. At the time I thought we could be going down a road we didn’t want to if I’d asked.

  7. catbrain says:

    I agree with Adam D: as much as I loathed Gretelskank – mutton/lamb etc – she is certainly preferable to that cockspank Kyle and that bint Jackie O. Nellie – do you REALLY think she’s attractive?? errrggghhh

    But please come back with your BB updates, Nellie, so I don’t feel this car-crash compulsion to tune in.

    I find those chest-expanding eps of WW too schmaltzy – I’m allergic to saccharine – but in the way of It’s A Wonderful Life they are done to perfection. I adore WW for its idealism, but I have a great aversion to the uncritical nature of some of it.

    Let never a bad thing be said about The Sopranos, though, including ‘Pine Barrens’ and the finale. All of it awesome.

    Great quiz question, btw (iknowiknowiknow)

  8. chuckles says:

    The ‘New York Minute’ episode of WW is actually known as ‘Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail’ (a line from the song), which did have a few great scenes to balance the schmaltz – Josh and CJ’s meeting with the organisation of Cartographers for Social Justice, and Toby’s interaction with the cop at the WTO protest….

    Toby: “How many ways do you know how to kill a man?”
    Cop: “How many do I need?”
    Toby: “I like you”

  9. For the record, I do not think Jackie O is good looking. I think the blokes who run Channel 10 and Austereo think she’s good looking.

    I have a theory that you’d “give” anyone 0, 1 or 100. You’re either not at all attracted to them (0), think they’re ok but you’re not convinced (1) or you’re so confident in their hotness you’d go straight to 100 rolls in the hay. I wouldn’t even give Jackie O 1. The name alone is enough to put me off.

    When it comes to lady-pants, I’m more an Angelina than a Jen kind of gal. Enough said. Reputation restored? – Nelly

  10. Her existence is totally mystifying. She adds nothing to anything.

  11. This is apropos of nothing, but I just saw an old (2007) Today Tonight ad complaining that ‘NO AUSTRALIANS’ are allowed to get a job collecting supermarket trolleys. The ad claims they’re all being hogged by (in big red letters) ‘SUDANESE’ and ‘INDIANS’ and ‘AFRICANS’ and ‘ASIANS.’

    If this were genuine current affairs (yes I know but let’s pretend), wouldn’t they know that Sudan is in Africa and India is in Asia?

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