Ep 133: Australia’s Got Talent, Community TV, Josie Parelli

This week the wonderful Queen Josie, formerly of Chartbusting ’80s, is our guest host with lots of talk about life in community television, Australia’s Got Talent and what the networks are doing.

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  1. Ahhh Queen Josie, as wonderful as ever.

  2. ActualChad says:

    Totally off-topic, but great news for the Doctor Who fans who listen to Boxcutters…

    Steven Moffat is to succeed Russell T Davies as the chief writer and executive producer of Doctor Who when it returns for its fifth series in 2010.

    This is the guy behind last year’s fantastic “Blink” episode, as well as a number of other great episodes, and long ago created “Press Gang”.

    Well chuffed,

  3. Excellent news. Davies was good, but it’s time for a fresh direction.

    Incidentally, Moffat’s two-parter for this year begins this Sunday in the UK.

  4. ActualChad says:

    I think it may be delayed for a week by Eurovision. Nuts.

  5. I still say the exclusion of Stevie Moffat’s “Coupling” from the Boxcutter Golden Age of Television was the story no parent can afford to miss /proved that the whole list was intellectually bankrupt/ worse than Hitler greatest travesty known to man…

  6. Coupling started strong but then stopped being funny. It was so horrible by the time it finished up… For me, Jack Davenport undid so much of the good work from This Life with the tripe he had to act by the end. And Sarah Alexander is a bigger humour black hole than Jo Stanley. Anything she’s in is poison to me.Co

    I was almost as offended by Coupling as I was by Mad About You, once they forgot it supposed to be a comedy and not an exploration through Helen Hunt’s neuroses.

  7. Oh, I almost forgot why I dropped by…

    It seems there is photographic evidence that The Stig has been unmasked. A German driver called Tim Schrick is the main suspect. There’s nothing on him in the English Wikipedia, though he does get an entry in the German one.

    Check here for a bit more

  8. Coupling definitely went off the boil. That last season was just awful.

  9. I think you guys missed out on a good opportunity with Josie to ask some general questions about Community TV.

    I would have liked to hear her view on the future of Community TV, especially with Digital TV. Also what her thoughts of Salem Cafe moving to SBS.

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