Ep 136: Ray Watch, Lawrence Mooney

136 = Lawrence Mooney + Ray Watch + News / Pork(Quiz)

Really that’s all you need to know.

Send us your equations.


  1. Josh, I think the main reason that TT didn’t ‘adopt’ a meals-on-wheels or volunteering is a very simple one, this way they can advertise the show to not only the volunteers, but to the pensioners themselves, who’ll want to watch what is going on. This drags the blue-rinse set away from ACA and to TT in the attempt to increase ratings…….

    Cynical I know, but if you watch either of these shows just once, it’s bound to infect you!

  2. Having not seen the story, I wonder if TT has anything in place to stop the pensioners getting ripped off or taken advantage of? Although, TT and ACA do love a story about someone “callously taking advantage of an old age pensioner who fought in the war for you son” so maybe it is just about feeding back more stories to itself.

  3. When you were talking about pitbull fighting, I kept thinking Kingswood Country. I think I’ve seen too much comedy….

  4. ActualChad says:

    That “F*cking yeah!” sounded extremely cathartic.

  5. Hey thanks for a great podcast! Love the melbourne vs. sydney podcast there for a while!! 😛

    Also did any one else think that at times Lawrence sounded a bit like ross?

  6. OK – Seeing as im part of what must be the fairly small Sydney boxcutters contingent. I love melbourne. I love sydney. I love them seperately. We have icons. We also have substance. Its just harder to find. you have icons. its that big muddy thing that runs through the city right… what do they call that… yarra?

  7. I loved Lawrence too. Very insightful and amusing. Though one of his gags was definitely pretty tired! And I pretty much thought he sounded a lot like… Shane Bourne!

    Josh, if I recall you were talking a couple of weeks ago about Back To You, the new Kelsey Grammer vehicle set in an affiliate newsroom. And I think you shitcanned it.

    Caught the first episode last night and yeah it’s pretty standard “My Life In Four Cameras” fodder but I still got a more than hearty laugh out of it. Maybe a couple of the characters were a little too close to home!

  8. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    I just wanted to say that I could listen to Lawrence do Barry Jones for hours. A lot longer than I could listen to the real Barry Jones.

    @ Jimbo, Back To You starts off pretty standard and declines from there in my opinion. Fred Willard, though, is wonderful.

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