Ep 137: Big Brother 8, Nelly Thomas and Ross (via phone)

What a huge episode of Boxcutters we have in store for you today. Nelly Thomas is our Ross for a day. We have a special surprise phone call, introduce a new segment, talk about Big Brother, Crap TV and have a challenging quiz question for you. All of this is bundled up in blankets of Pork and News.

One Hundred and Thirty Seven

Tell us your favourite kids/young adult TV programmes.


TV Tonight tells us that, although Brett said the blog alluded to Matthew Newton being in Mark loves Sharon, it is actually Shane Connor. The Matthew Newton comment was an incorrect assumption from a commentor and not in any way misreporting by TV Tonight. That just doesn’t happen. TV Tonight ROCKS!


  1. The Ch7 footy and going straight into the news… (and not showing the team sing the song, or malthouse crying 😉 — isn’t about advertising, but making viewers stay on with the Ch7 news. It is a disgrace, especially since it is the media that has placed the increasing emphasis on the song being sung, this never used to be the case as I recall it.

    As an interesting note, if you watch the replay on Foxtel, they sometimes show the song, (I saw this after watching a Dogs game on Ch7, then taping the replay on Foxtel) which means that Ch7 film it, they just choose not to show it.

  2. Great ep guys. Good to hear Nelly back on.
    I don’t want to give any Boxcutters spoilers so I will simply say how much I enjoyed the surprise phone call.
    Also, I wonder if Big Brother is just as awful now as it ever was but that as we get older, we move further away from the age of the contestants and therefore further away from the target demographic. Maybe we only liked it when we could see some of ourselves reflected in the contestants and the gap between us and 19 year olds is just too big. Or maybe it is just crap.

  3. When is Ross coming back? Fill ins have been great but we need Ross as well!

    Maybe you could have sit-ins like Nelly/Wilbur/Lawrence etc… when Ross does come back. Its great to hear from new people one in a while.

  4. Oops, I should listen to the entire show before commenting! Hopefully sooner rather than later then.

  5. lyndal: It’s just crap and, IMHO, always has been. I was just quicker to see it 🙂

    Bolden: So you think it’s just like 10 cutting credits and putting them on the web so people don’t get a chance to switch before the next show is on?

  6. I hate the idea of taking the credits away. Its like going to a restaurant and having the waiter take the plate away the moment you eat the last pea. Sorry mate, I haven’t finished. I would like to digest my meal for a few moments and reflect on it before cutting to something else. Same goes for the credits on film and TV.

  7. Yeah, I’m of the same opinion with the credits, it is just a ploy to suck you into the next show, so you start watching.
    Of course it has the negative effect of if you are watching something on another channel, and you flick over to a show that has already started, my uneducated guess is that you are more likely to return to the first channel than persist with something you’ve missed the start of.

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