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The Australian reports that Sunday and Nightline have both been axed by the Nine Network.

Two news and current affairs programmes that once stood tall in the jungle of commercial network reportage are now gone. Over the past few years both shows, but Sunday especially, were stripped of their traditions and leadership.

It’s a sad day for network news.


  1. Nice theme Josh.

    Meh, Sunday Morning and hard news and investigative stories were never that great of a mix especially since it moved to 7.30am.

    Sunday Morning is a day to relax not be educated about the latest tribal war.

  2. Mike, you’re so wrong. It’s about a network’s prestige. And Oakes’s interview alone makes it worthwhile. Even if the only people watching are in the Canberra press gallery it can resonate across the whole week.

  3. I don’t have a problem with politics but a story about ballet followed by on about saxophones, it’s not mainstream stuff.

    I just don’t feel for a show out of touch and I know it’s not a popular thing to say in a place with media people but it put me back to sleep in the morning.

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