Ep 142: Celeb Dog School, Star Dancers, with Adam Richard

Yes, ladies and gentlemens, we have the one and only fabulous Adam Richard with us in the Ross Seat this week. We talk about Celebrity Dog School, Star Dancers and a thousand other shows. Fun and exciting, it’s 142.

Tell us what you think.


  1. New website. Excellent.

  2. Great episode, really enjoyed Adam Richard.

    Love the new site.

  3. Gosh….It really is hard to tell where Josh ends and Adam begins!

  4. paddy red says:

    Good Ep, Adam fantastic. ‘ oh my god toni ive got your cd, do you want it back’ Adam Richard.

  5. catbrain says:

    FINALLY catching up with a few…

    blood in water, eh? Osmosis is just a fantasy anyway.

    Perhaps people watching The Hollowmen have moved to viewing it online? (or perhaps not…)

    Bring Adam back. Soon. I want updates on Janine Butcher, but I don’t want to subject myself to any of the other trash in EEnders.

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