Ep 144: Olympics, Hole in the Wall, Neighbours, Chicken Ads, with Gerard McCulloch

Gerard McCulloch joins us to look at the first few days of Olympic coverage, Hole in the Wall and Make Me A Supermodel. Keep a look out for another Postcard from A Show as well as some letters to Boxcutters. Plus news and pork and a couple of chicken related I Don’t Buy Its.

Good for what ails ya. It’s 144, senor.

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  1. Well that’s filled in a gap in a report I received about the opening ceremony broadcast in Australia – it must have been Sonia Kruger (down, Josh) who announced the entry into the stadium of the team from Czechoslovakia.

    Long way from a paso doble.

  2. Nerd time: I think the huge scroll was a grid of LEDs. So no issues with shadows from people, wires or other objects.

    Stunning stuff.

  3. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    What impressed me about the Red Rooster ad was the disclaimer at the end. See Crikey for more.

  4. Having saturation broadcasting of the Olympics is great. It’s the only chance in the past four years that commercial TV bothers to broadcast any sport other than the usual four (golf, tennis, football, cricket).

    Hooray for SBS, who at least have an idea that we might be interested in games other than the above, or played between teams who aren’t Australian.

    I’m TiVo’ing the lot, and playing back hours at 90 times speed, just to get to the minutes of coverage of sports only ever seen on TV during the Olympics.

  5. By the way, if you’re not seeing the Olympic event you want to see there’s an easy solution…


    Oh, hang on. It’s Australia.

    BBC rocks – just press red.

  6. I’m just now getting to have a look at the opening ceremony… Bruce McAveney took the trouble to tell us that Liberia was the only country at the games with a female head of state… What does he think Queen Elizabeth is?

    Nice work from him with the fat jokes about one of the flag bearers too – love your work, Bruce.

    BTW, Jimbo, Sonia Kruger wasn’t in range of a mic when Czech Republic came into the stadium – it was only Bruce and Sandy Roberts for all the teams coming in.

    And if I hear about how the footprints of the teams are going to be on the piece of paper “forever” again, I think I’m literally going to be sick. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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