Ep 146: Daria, Australian Idol, with Jess McGuire

OK. It does not get better than this. Jess McGuire from RRR’s I’d Rather Jack and also Defamer joins us to talk about Australian Idol. We also finally cover off on Daria and mix it up a whole lot around the edges.

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The Australian Idol related sites Jess mentioned are Scott, To Be Certain and Bland Canyon.

During the news it was said that TV Tonight’s David Knox wrote: “Samantha Armytage had been a seamless fill in [for Anna Coren reported]”.
Actually, this was a quote from an article in the Daily Telegraph. David Knox’s post on the blog was a criticism of the Telegraph article. Boxcutters apologises for the mistake.


  1. Saw the ad for 90210 last night, airing Sept 8 on Channel 10 (5 days after US air). However knowing crappy Channel 10 the double episode shown in the States will likely be shown over 2 weeks here so likely be more than a week late (and 2 or 3 weeks late by mid-season if it gets that far).

  2. ActualChad says:

    When Josh mentioned the whole Kids TV segment, one of the first shows I thought of, after the unholy triumvirate of Doctor Who, The Goodies and Monkey, was Mysterious Cities of Gold, but I thought maybe it would be considered a cartoon, rather than a “show show”.

    Bless your little cotton socks, Jess!

  3. catbrain says:

    You’ve actually done 3 segments now on yoof TV – Degrassi, Press Gang and now Daria. I guess you’d rather forget the ep with Press Gang. *sniff*

    Gee, you’re showing your age when you call Daria “surly” – those were critical lenses in her glasses, y’know. Daria always wanted friends, she just found it hard to find anyone she could relate to, always felt like she didn’t fit in and put up barriers as a defence. Her dad was an excellent representation of the Dead White Male, trying to find his position in a family of strong women with a wife who earned way more money than he did.
    You might be lucky and catch a Daria marathon on MTV – they did one a few years back of every ep and I managed to tape the lot (lucky me).

    That fillum with Emma Roberts is Wild Child.

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