Ep 148: Lawrence Mooney, James Talia, Very Small Business

For our 3rd birthday we bring an exclusive breaking story from the Channel Nine news room. There is also some talk about Very Small Business and The Strip. Lawrence Mooney boosts our morale with his excellent insights and James Talia tells us how it is in London.

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Update: See Lawrence Mooney’s part in Very Small Business It’s the second lesson.

Further Update: See the media’s reaction to the news we broke with James Talia. So far in TV Tonight and The Australian.


  1. That’s a real shame about James’ position – at least Nine is keeping him on. 🙁

    TV Tonight picked the story up I see.


  2. catbrain says:

    I’m sure there was a greater issue for Channel 9 if they went ahead with screening Underbelly in Victoria when there were still issues of pending court cases and appeals associated with it. I’m sure their legal team would’ve considered everything.

    So they’re putting it up against rove and Rush? That will be interesting…

    Be still, my beating heart…. James could be LIVE IN THE STUDIO

  3. @Mike: Yeah, we knew the tapes were shorter on the long edge but they were the same width (tape edge to spine) and slightly thicker. I think we resolved that they could display more because they could fit more shelves.

    Having worked with BetaCam tapes, the large format ones are formidable – a bit longer than 12 inches, as wide as VHS tapes are long but the same thickness.

  4. Watched the 2nd of Ep. of Rush last night, now during/after Ep 1. I was squarely in Josh’s camp on this, I thought it was ok. I tried watching it with a little more Brett-eye (Brett-eye – where you are just waiting for her to use the term prodigal or Samaritan) last night and did notice two real glaring script issues, one was the mother talked exactly like a cop in regards to ‘talking her daughter down’ and then I had a real problem with the joke right at the end of a pretty tough episode, not sure what they were thinking. But anyway, I still like it, and think it is an ok cop procedural.

    Now, I’ve been wanting to say this for a bit, and I think it is time, is Ross actually coming back? I’d apply to be the new Boxcutter if he wasn’t, although I don’t sound enough like Brett – and let’s be honest, every special guest has and would be better than me….. but I really wanted to ask if Ross is planning to return?

  5. gbsmith71 says:

    Thos poor old Samaritans have been getting a bad name for 2000 years.

  6. @Bolden: I haven’t quite finished the second episode – and let me clarify, my problems with the first episode won’t stop me watching further episodes – but the writing and technological concepts and storyline have been much, MUCH better than the first.

    It all comes back to the magic 3 of new show reviews. The first is the pilot that is devised to get the thing sold, the second is the real first where they get to settle in and the third is the episode where they should have been able to establish everything they need to and can start operating normally.

    I think what Josh was excited about was the pace of the show, with it having a lot more action than we see in a lot of cop procedurals and not too much two-in-a-room, serious face acting drama to bog it down. With a bit more believability, that’s what I’m appreciating about it.

    The one thing that has grated in the second ep is Newbie Cop having his radio transmit button pushed all the way through the conversation about seeing Hot Chick Cop’s (as not seen in the pilot) tits. That bugs me almost as much as when people using hand-held radios hold the unit up to their ear while talking and listening.

  7. @gbsmith71: Mitchell & Web illustrate it perfectly. It was only through some primary school Catholic education that I was aware of the standing of the Samaritans. Since then I’ve heard the tale referenced often but never explained.

  8. Rob Boxcutter says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Boxcutters!

    Coming up to the big one-five-oh, too. Onya.

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