Ep 153: The Life and Times of Tim, Worst Week, Review with Myles Barlow

All about television means all about television, people. The Life and Times of Tim is an excellent new show from HBO, Review with Myles Barlow is a new show on ABC2 and Worst Week is barely worth mentioning.

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  1. gbsmith71 says:

    As much as I hate to admit it, I think Ray Martin may have a point. So many axings. Surely in today’s instant technology age, the networks can find a quicker way to work out if a show is likely to be axed long before they play it. Do they not watch them first? Someone should send them a torrent link.

    Its a bit like the old joke about the bureau of meteorology not having any windows to check the weather.

    And John, I personally cant wait for the pivotal third episode of “What Rock is that?” when they look at Igneous vs Magma: who would win in a fight.



  2. Kudos to JohnBo for putting his finger (however obliquely) this episode on the crux on the dilemma of free-to-air: you’re either a content provider, or a content re-broadcaster.
    Somewhat amazingly (to me at least), the front runner in setting themselves up for the future of TV is the BBC; They’re totally prepared to spend money to make money on Dr Who, Top Gear and a bunch of others. For every failure that a BBC – or Showtime, or HBO- produce, at least there is decent content to on-sell. Maybe not 2-and-a-half-men syndication $$ content, perhaps; But DVD sales are a more direct revenue line, and a tidy one at that…
    The free-to-air’s still seem to miss the point a fair bit; yes, the Simpsons can break even in a primetime slot, but you don’t attract new viewers. And when viewers leave for Channel Bittorrent, they tend not to come back, and the pie continues to keep shrinking.

    As a business strategy, this is right up there with running your business hunting whales for lamp oil; or still charging $35 for a music CD*
    Funnily enough, people STILL seem to be spending their nights watching a screen; that much hasn’t changed. SURELY the networks know that they’ve pissed off their audiences to the point where they’re actively looking to ditch free-to-air for more (strangely) compelling content. Aren’t they? Don’t they?. Or is it much like the music industry, pathetically attempting to mine for gold in a well-tapped vein, aware of the diminishing returns but too afraid to let go of the teat
    (to mix – if not openly sudoko-ise -metaphors beyond all comprehension)

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go provide backdrop for Navy SeaBoat Series III**

    * sadly, not a joke; some people still pay actual cold hard cash for music

    ** even sadder, this also is not a joke. Gawd bless your tax dollars going towards providing some very expensive backdrops for Lisa McCune***

    ***who is amazingly TINY in real life, and much much cuter than onscreen would have you believe. Err.. I may have said too much, especially as Ms Mords occasionally peruses this forum-!

  3. *addendum to above*

    (addendum? Oooh, look who’s using all the 50cent words he knows, Martha!)

    I know, obviously, that the networks have LONG been aware that we the viewers are not their actual customers. It’s right there in the name: Free-to-air. WE *gathers the Boxcutters family in a big awkward hug* are the PRODUCT of TV, not the customers. Ch 7 (for eg) offer 800, 000 of us (and our undivided attention) to an advertiser, for a tidy fee. That’s the incentive to the customer (the advertiser) to pay money, and that’s where the profits lie.
    Knowing all that, why do we still expect the networks to care about “we the viewer”?! I’m as guilty as anyone, I just am confused as anyone why we’re so desperate for an owner to put their individual stamp on their network.*


    *mealy-mouthed disclaimer; if we were talking about a blog, I’d be outraged if there *wasn’t* an editorial ‘point-of-view’ put across, on any/every topic of interest. I’m not sure I know why I expect TV stations to be neutral. I just do, and it’s not logical.

  4. The Life and Times of Tim looks excellent.

  5. Hey gang
    Two complaints and a compliment, if I may (I call this comment a “complainiment”):
    1. It seems that one of the aspects of The Life and Times of Tim you liked so much, being that things get worse in spite of the fact, or perhaps because, he tries to fix them, is exactly what happens in The Curb Your Enthusiasm you all seem to dislike so much (except Ross, RIP in Babyland). Larry David gets in so much trouble because he is always trying to fix other problems, which have often arisen due to factors beyond his control, or where he has tried to do a good thing. Larry is here to help!
    Plus it?s very funny.
    Plus I’m looking forward to The Life and Times of Tim.
    2. Saturday Night Live isn?t funny? SNL can be hilarious (and, yes, I?ve left myself some wiggle room there)! I?ll leave it at that, and just refer you to some videos I?ve posted on my blog as a rebuttal: http://rilestar.blogspot.com/2008/10/i-know-you-are-but-what-am-i.html
    Otherwise, you know I loves ya, keep up the good work!
    Riley Boxcutter
    PS Finally got to see the manatee episode of South Park last week, which I think sparked the South Park vs Family Guy discussion on this here blog last year. Gold. It all makes sense, now.

  6. OK, Rilestar, here’s the thing. Every now and then SNL will come out with a beauty. I understand and appreciate that. But in a 90 minute show the jokes are few and far between. For something like the gold you referenced on your website you might have to trawl through multiple episodes.

    Yes, there can be funny bits on SNL but I’d much rather wait till other people find them and then show me on youtube/hulu.

    Also, if memory serves me correctly (and it often doesn’t), we did mentioned Curb when reviewing Tim and the major difference is that the Tim’s character is actually likable and doesn’t really ever do anything purposefully selfish.

    Check it out and let us know. We always respect your rants. You’re rantastic.

  7. catbrain says:

    In honour of Josh’s latest favourite word…

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

  8. The Life and Times of Tim: When he says, “yeah, the spank kind of got away from me” that is easily the greatest line I’ve ever heard…. (although it cannot be used without context!)

    Thanks for the heads up, Tim’s a pretty good show…..

  9. Josh – it’s attitudes like that that will lead to the death of television.
    Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya, you’re all right!

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