Ep 159: James Talia, Fatty and George, Zoot Reviews

James Talia is returning to Australia and so this is his last appearance as our European Un-Australian correspondent. We cover Fatty and George in Before and After School and there’s an I Don’t Buy It to fill out the gaps.

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  1. catbrain says:

    Regarding the story about journalists editing their own stories: it was interesting to hear from James that it’s already commonplace in the UK; however, in the particular article about the story that I read (that I can’t find now, unfortunately), it referred specifically to Al-Jazeera (English) trying it earlier this year and then having to revert to the old methods within about 4 months because it was so unsuccessful. Perhaps the model being touted here is not the basic model employed in the UK?

    Aside from the appalling editing in the Zoot Review, Coke in a can tastes heaps better than the stuff out of a bottle. Truly.

    oh, and btw – nice bit of “shoddy and reckless reporting” regarding Patrick Swayze.

  2. Yeah, I had wondered if it was everywhere except here before we spoke to James and, on reflection, probably am surprised that it hasn’t been introduced before. It’s definitely an obvious rationalisation target but does beg the question about using a skilled journalist for a task that they’re not skilled for when they could be out breaking more stories. Will it take down the quality of ABC news? Probably but there’s not much room left to go down for Peter Wilkinson’s sports reports – which come out of Sydney – and if that’s the standard they’re accustomed to up there – where all the management decisions get made – then I’m sure they’re not going to consider for a second the effect on a less shite service coming out of Melbourne.

    The Zoot Coke ad is for mini cans. They’re 200mls or something. Added to the wrapper they come in as the ‘package’, that’s a lot more waste. And I’m not sure I can imagine kids being sated by just one of those baby cans…

    I didn’t notice the shoddy recklessness of the Patrick Swayze news. It’s interesting that it’s public knowledge – celebs usually tend to go more the Michael Crichton path where it comes out of nowhere but they’ve been battling for months or years.

  3. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    It’s been three days and I can’t get the “Fatty & George” theme song out of my head.

    Three days ago I was delighted to hear about F&G again after so many years.

    Now I loathe you all.

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