Ep 161: David Ashton & Damaris Baker, Survivors, News Themes

David Ashton and Damaris Baker are composers who, amongst other things created the theme for ABC News Breakfast. We talk about the UK series Survivors and have a bunch of quiz, news and pork.

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  1. The 11pm news is local news, not national. “Nightline” airs at 11.35pm on ABC. That is the only late national news on a network.

    10.00: Leno
    11.00: Local News
    11.35: Tonight Show w/Conan
    12.35: Late Night w/Jimmy Fallon
    1.35: Last Call with Carson Daly

    will be the NBC line-up.

  2. Its funny that you should talk about Survivours. I am part way through Stephen Kings Book The Stand. So far it sounds just like Survivors.

    I know the virus that kill everbody is a “standard” story but I wonder if in this case Terry Nation or Stephen King sorrta copied the idea from the other.

  3. John Richards says:

    It would have to be King copying Nation, since The Stand was published 3 years after the first season of Survivors, but I think “killer virus” probably is a standard idea. It’s funny how Survivors was genuinely a hit in its day (with three seasons to its credit) but no-one seems to remember it now.

    If you want to see the News Breakfast theme in action (that name always looks wrong to me, like I’ve typed it the wrong way around), the opening credits can be viewed here: http://whatsonthetube.net/2008/11/03/abc-news-breakfast-has-a-shaky-start/
    Just scroll down to the second video clip.

    Is it just me, or is the News Breakfast set really ugly?

  4. Stephen King has been made aware of Survivors (oddly enough, also through the novel) and says it’s basically a case of parallel development – Killer Viruses were obvioulsy in the ether in the seventies…

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