Ep 205: Adam Christou, Melrose Place

Dear Listener,

We present, for your entertainment, Mr Adam Christou, who shares with us a brand new world of adult entertainment based on parodying television shows. Also, we review the new series of Melrose Place.

We investigate the universe’s disturbing quarters so that you can sound more knowledgeable at dinner parties.

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Brett: White Collar, Tuesday, 8:30pm, Channel 10
Josh: Parks and Recreation, Tuesday, 11pm, Channel 7
John: Staring out a window, Tuesday, 9pm, his house.

Also, in letters we talk about this article about the Tbox and Fetch TV, and how none of us have read it.


  1. John, we were unaware of your apparent desire to be in an artsy Qu?b?cois film- you do realize that this will require you to either commit suicide, die of AIDS, or not come to a satisfactory ending?

  2. AdamChristou says:

  3. I listen to 'that bit'. Just not every week.

  4. nathalieboxcutter says:

  5. Chickenshit says:

    Cat, chubby and sexy are mutually exclusive verbs.

    You were all thinking it!

  6. Daniel D Boxcutter says:

    Um. I just saw this and it seemed appropriate to post it here. Someone takes this stuff far too seriously. http://bit.ly/HYwN

  7. Turns out Alan Brough likes us! He really likes us! Or at least he played us on ABC radio yesterday… http://blogs.abc.net.au/victoria/2009/12/i-have

  8. Nonsense. Not to mention that 'chubby and sexy', by the standards of television, is really 'may have at one point eaten a grapefruit and sexy'.

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