Ep 247: Weeds, Rally to Restore Sanity

weeds.jpgDid you miss us? Well, we’ve returned anyway so deal with it.

One way you could deal with it is by enjoying this wonderful episode in which Riley Boxcutter gives us an exclusive report on the Rally to Restore Sanity (aka the March to Keep Fear Alive). For the first time ever there is a video podcast (which will come to this very website shortly at some stage).

Also, there’s discussion of Weeds, androgynous 4 year olds and the excellent Courteney Hocking sits in the Nelly Thomas chair for a night to recreate scenes from Single White Female.

This week’s question: Does Courteney or Toby do a better Nelly impersonation? Let us know in an email.

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Read how the Stewart/Colbert Rally had far reaching effects for the coming US election.

Here’s Riley Boxcutter’s report from Washington DC: Boxcutters Listener-at-Large

Gasp at the New York Times article about “flock” comedies and then shake your head in ambivalence at the follow up in the Atlantic.

The Rally to Restore Sanity on Boxcutters

Riley Boxcutter reports for us from the depths of the American ironic rally heartland.

Here’s the New York Times article about Denise Borino-Quinn, who played Ginny Sacramoni on The Sopranos.


  1. Just to confirm, yes I am Juno Roxas’ brother. You might have seen me playing tambourine when Juno performed with the Pat Cash All Star Band at the Australian Tennis Open in 2006.

  2. Oh, and sorry for sending in such ultimately pointless articles. David Knox’s blog is a more reliable source.

  3. Josh Kinal says:

    We thought the articles were interesting and worth talking about. But, I think, once we started talking about it we realised there wasn’t much to say. Keep sending them in, though.

  4. Adam D(oxcutter) says:

    Thanks for putting that poos-and-wees song in my head.

    You know that rant I unleashed on 3D TV? Just a few weeks ago? I just bought a 3D TV.

  5. Rob Boxcutter says:

    I just noticed the Psychoville Halloween Special on channel bt. Probably worth checking out if you enjoyed Psychoville, which I did.

    I vote for keeping “This week on Boxcutters.” If it goes, I’ll have to start listening to entire podcasts!

    (Actually I haven’t been able to get the 2-minute taster on my main computer for months now, no matter which browser I use. I must have some problem with my flash player settings.)

  6. Oh noes… D(oxy)!

    Why would you buy a 3D TV? You do realise it’s basically superseded before you even bought it and they’re gonna Beta VCR your ass?

    You can put it in the cupboard with your HDDVD player in a few months…


  7. murrayNE(oxcutter) says:

    I like the “this week on Boxcutters” bit, though I couldn’t claim to listen every week. It might average out to one week in 2.5.

    I went to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square this week. Seriously, where is the “integration of media” table with the little screen showing the Boxcutters blog and video podcast? I felt robbed.

  8. First off, it was lovely to hear from someone who was at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (as the app says). I’m now making t-shirts that say “Hitler is Hitler”.
    I have to agree with Josh about Weeds. To me, they just seem to have lost their concept of what the show is supposed to be, or maybe that wasn’t clear form the get-go. It’s not funny enough to be farcical, although the plot points are. It’s not campy enough to be enjoyable that way. It’s not dramatic, not really, because there is no real attempt to make you engage emotionally with the characters and therefore care about what happens to them.
    I’ve stopped downloading it.

    Re: “Lost Girl” I would (a) like to apologise on behalf of my nation for inflicting it on you, and (b) point out- It’s about a bisexual succubus -I don’t think it’s meant to be taken seriously. And they play it at 11pm on a Sunday, it’s in all likelihoood just there to meet the CanCon quota.

  9. Adam D(oxcutter) says:

    Brett: They just come with 3D now. I wanted a certain size (not huge), iView built-in and a free PS3, and suddenly I found myself with two pairs of 3D glasses. No extra cost for any of the 3D components; they’re just in the box.

    It also came with a 3D demo disc, Alice in Wonderland 3D and Bolt 3D. They’re all 3D [i]only[/i], which means you can’t watch them at all in 2D, and they won’t even play if you don’t have a 3D screen. It’s good that they chuck in a couple of freebies, though, because there’s bugger-all 3D broadcast content.

    I thought Nine’s HD cricket would work quite well in 3D because you’d be able to see more detail in ball play, but the golf footage on the demo disc disabused me of that theory. You can’t see the golf ball at all most of the time [i]despite[/i] the 3D effect, and the depth instruction is only telling you what you already knew: that far-away things are far away.

    Where 3D is actually useful is with games. Playing Wipeout HD in full 3D is a thrilling experience. I will regularly pull out the 3D glasses for games, and even for some particularly dynamic/hyper-realistic content (e.g. Tron Legacy (it’s a 90-minute neon Daft Punk music video ffs)), but not for sports, sitcoms or dramas. It’s got to be superficially thrilling and immersive or there’s no point.

  10. Hey gang
    I’ve must apologise for the quality of the video in my video podcast, but I’ve made a better one from an actual video camera which can be seen/accessed here: http://rilestar.blogspot.com/2010/11/rally-to-restore-virginiaty.html
    I’ve also finally written about our TV experiences in New York after the Rally, with some stuff about attending The Daily Show and the Colbert Report, here, if you’re into that kind of thing: http://rilestar.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-watch-tv-without-watching-tv.html
    rilestar/Riley Boxcutter

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