Ep 323: Arrow, Kate Pappas & Ben Eriksen

It’s always exciting to have new TV makers in the studio and Kate Pappas and Ben Eriksen are the perfect people to be excited about. They’ve made a doco called Future Radicals that appears on ABC 2 as part of the Opening Shot series.

Then there’s a review of Arrow and we try to help you work out if you’ll like it or if you will do something else.


One Thing

  • Meatwork – 8:30pm Sunday 11 November, ABC2

Guest Donor

John Mizzi was our guest donor. You might know him better as Liyster.

He hooked us up with some news about Arrow that might please Doctor Who fans.

Cherry on Top

Brenna filled us in on some fun web stuff like the Dwight Schrute meme and a list of the 10 lamest superheroes ever.

Dave’s Famous Photos: EXCLUSIVE

Here is the photo Dave Lawson took while acting on Lowdown. We can’t wait for the spin-off series.


  1. Hey Everybody.

    I missed something that is coming up over the week on the telly that WOULD have been my one thing, that we haven’t had a chance to talk about yet.

    Moone Boy begins on Friday (tomorrow) night on ABC1 at 8pm. It stars and was created by Chris O’Dowd who was in The IT Crowd.

    It’s lovely and I reckon you should check it out.

  2. Seriously guys I actually liked the first four shows of Arrow. One of my friends turned up with the aired ones on Saturday night and we watched all 4 eps.

    Besides the amazeballs explosion he caused just by shooting an arrow into a pile of sticks on the beach in the opening few minutes and my flatmate’s squeals of delight at the sight of Stephen Amell’s shirtless upperbody (*ouchy* that six-pack has a bonus 4 Cruisers), there have been a few underlying plots developing with that ‘Days of our Lives’ stuff (if done correctly is called exposition in writer terms :p) which have the potential to give the show more depth than just a ‘Superhero’ on a vendetta quest giving baddies the option of yielding to blackmail or being stuck with the pointy end of an arrow. Using the family for the annoying relationship and the intrigue stuff allows the main character to remain all strong, singularly focused and hero-like while he completes his quest with everything going on around him explaining his predicament in depth. So far the family seems nicely F***ed up and set to create lots of intrigue (or predictability depending on the writers) for the rest of the season.

    As for the feeling like crap while watching it, they raised the bar (see what I did there!) I do not know many people who can do those salmon jumpy things. The guy who brought the series over for us to watch (having already seen it) was still not as impressed by the 50 or so hot nightclub-type women in very small dresses the writers put in to compensate for the deflated self-esteem crushing feeling of men all over The World are going to get from watching this show, as he was with how fit and agile this guy was. Comments, squeals and drooling coming from my flatmate did not help and I’m sure he did a few more reps at the gym the next day as a result.

    Show was great 🙂

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