Ep 324: Cuckoo

Sometimes a show comes along that seems simple on the surface but really requires a lot more investigation. Cuckoo is a show exactly like that. Luckily, we’re reviewing it this week.

We take a look at the highlights of the US election coverage, cover the BBC controversies and receive some emails from General Petraeus or something.

Have a listen, if you dare:


One Thing

  • A Moody Christmas, ABC1 Wednesday night
  • Moone Boy, Friday 8pm ABC1
  • Al Jazeera News, SBS, 3:30pm weekdays


  1. I’m not sure why the BBC is at the centre of this controversy about the naming of McAlpine: Newsnight didn’t name him, it was a fellow by the name of John Hirst on his blog who initially named him. He also mentioned other former Tories, etc. It doesn’t make sense that Entwhistle is taking the fall: there was a journalistic error, yes, but not one as regarding him; it makes you wonder if McAlpine is just hrowing his weight around. It’s also worth pointing out that Hirst didn’t say per se that this man is guilty, he just said that this is the guy who was being referenced by Newsnight.
    Also, I wonder if Entwhistle would be resigning were it not for this coming right on the heels of the Jimmy Saville situation? I doubt this scandal would be half so destructive were it not for the timing and the terrible nature of the false allegations.

  2. The obvious tag to Josh’s story about the tacky US ER program, would be that ” Andy, despite having a pipe through his skull and remaining conscious, later mentioned that he would be voting Republican in this election.”

  3. David Boxcutter says:

    I always remember Andy Samberg for his impressions of Mark Zuckerberg on SNL. There was an episode where Zuckerberg was a guest host, and the two standing next to each other was nearly a Fey/Palin level of uncanny.

  4. Lyndal Boxcutter says:

    Dear Boxcutters,
    I had a yelling-at-the-radio-moment when the Boxcutters where discussing why an otherwise intelligent women would fall for Cuckoo who is clearly an idiot. A sweet idiot, but still an idiot. It’s cause she’s cock-struck! She’s totally cock-struck! She’s getting laid eight-ways to Sunday by a hot guy who thinks she’s amazing! No wonder her head is turned. And that’s aside from how attractive someone who says YES to everything would be to a 20 year-old who comes from a family and community whose default position is NO.
    I also loved that everything that John said about it was positive while contending that he didn’t like it. That made me laugh.

    Keep up the good work
    Lyndal Boxcutter

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