Ep 332: Con Frantzeskos, House of Cards

You’ve heard a lot about House of Cards but you haven’t heard it from us. So put your little earbuddies in and check it out.

Also, Con Frantzeskos of the Penso Agency tells us all about how TV advertising works, how networks can best use the concept of the second screen and what everyone is getting wrong.

Glenn Peters and Brenna Courtney Glazebrooke fill out the panel and a good time is had by all.


Here’s a bit more about Aspray from Brenna.


  1. Aarrgh, advertising, my nemesis, back again.

    The problem is, discussing TV entirely in terms of advertising means that other models of TV content delivery (either “consumer pays all of it”, as with Netflix or premium cable channels, or government broadcasting, like the ABC, BBC and SBS when it was good) don’t get discussed properly. And by concentrating on the broadcast rather than the narrowcast (as Channel 10 was, again, when it was good – focused on satisfying a particular teen-to-30 something audience) is that you get stuff which is mediocre rather than excellent – appeals to the general, rather than reaching for the brass ring of excellence.

    In other commentary on “House of Cards”, Glenn’s selected quotes sounded horrendous and makes me think I’m happy to keep my House of Cards knowledge with the British original – over in 4 hours and much more entertaining.

  2. David Boxcutter says:

    So, the comments on how terrible Channel 10 is – what am I missing? What makes Channel 10 so much worse than 9 or 7? From everything that I’ve seen, 7 and 9 are just as bad, if not worse.

    Is The 7:30 Project really worse than A Current Affair or Today Tonight? Is Australian Idol worse than Dancing with the Stars? I genuinely don’t understand why CHannel 10 is dismissed as obviously worse than the the other stations. It may be less popular, but the quality of the programming seems to be mostly on par with the others.

    I suppose my comments mostly stem from Glenn’s comment that Channel 10 makes “great promotions for crap shows” – is this worse than the other channels making crap promotions for crap shows?

    Oh, a little bit of redux for last week’s episode – I was very surprised by the “meh” reaction to Enlightened. When I discovered Enlightened, I wondered “why haven’t I heard about this on Boxcutters?” I even Googled the shit out of it to see if I missed an episode where you mentioned it. But nothing.

    The second season of Enlightened is one of the greatest seasons of TV ever. I’m really surprised about the nonplussed reaction from the Boxcutters crew. I thought this is exactly the kind of “Golden Age of Television” stuff you would be talking up. It’s way better than Community, which Josh basically had an orgasm over. And infinitely better than Mike and Molly which for some reason also got a lot of praise.

    • Paul Boxcutter says:

      Yeah, I wonder about all this Ch10 doom and gloom.

      I might be on my own here, but I thought that Rush, Offspring, Mr and Mrs Murder were pretty good shows. Certainly on par if not way better than House Husbands and Packed to the Rafters in my opinion.

  3. Glenn Peters says:

    I can’t remember saying that because I don’t think it’s that true. But I might have. Ten make average promotions for their crap shows. If I did say it, I might have been referring to the promotion for Masterchef Professionals which was outsourced to a high flying ad agency. That was a pretty good and tasteful campaign for appealing to wannabe hipster bourgoise (in other words advertising made by advertising people to get laid at next Friday’s ad agency work drinks), but completely off the rails if trying to appeal to the 2-3 million viewers a night target a Masterchef franchise should be aiming for. That shit pales against The Voice or even MKR.

  4. David Boxcutter says:


    “That shit pales against The Voice or even MKR.”

    How so?

  5. dead-tree media appear to have found another way of getting money…

    Of course, anyone familiar with those weekly suburban newspapers will see it for what it is 🙂

  6. Liam Fitzgerald says:

    just watched a-spray, hilarious. can’t wait to recommend it to a few stinkers.

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