Ep 334: The Following, Big Reunion

Look, I won’t lie to you. This episode might be a bit messy. We make some great points about the Kevin Bacon series created by Kevin Williamson, The Following, but they might not all be in the right order. And we say good-bye to Brenna. Sad face.



  1. David Boxcutter says:

    … and The Following gets the kiss of death from Brett.

  2. Oh, Josh, you really want me to stab you repeatedly, don’t you?

    Look, “House of Cards” is overdressed, wants-to-be-impressive-but-isn’t, crap. Taking 13 hours to not even get halfway through a plot adequately covered in a 4 hour BBC miniseries from two decades ago does not constitute impressive TV. And Kevin Spacey is a massive ham.

    “Game of Thrones”, on the other hand, rocks the hizz-ouse. Repeatedly. It’s got freaking dragons, it’s got increasing complexity across a vast cast of interesting interlocking characters, and Peter Dinklage is beyond legendary.

  3. Jaime Sanchez says:

    Every episode some reference to Major League Baseball needs to be crowbarred in.

    In that light:


  4. Blakeboxcutter says:

    Good on ya Glen for saying it. Yes, buy it! If you like it, buy it. Unlike musicians who can at least play live Tv writers can’t earn money any other way than someone paying for our stuff. Buy it. Please.

  5. Glenn Peters says:

    This is quite a good op ed by John Birmingham.


    It’s called Why Are You Still Stealing Game of Thrones? It’s interesting also for the comments. Lots of anger but the arguments I was alluding to in this Boxcutters ep.

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