Ep 343: Banshee

Every now and then a show comes along that really makes you think about the world. Banshee may or may not be that show. We discuss it this week.

Also, why is Josh excited about reading? It must be a book about television. Find out more in this episode, filled with more sex and violence than you could poke an Amish barn at.


Alan Sepinwall

You can buy The Revolution Was Televised and read all about the shows that made the world a better place.

Leongatha Screening

If you want to see Leongatha at the cinema, it’s on at the Kino in Melbourne on 11 July.

Golden Age of Televison

The final list of shows is on this site in our distant past


  1. It might be time to review the Golden years of Televsion – any list that has Entourage and Weeds probably could use a little pruning.

    Oh, and … I really hate to correct Ben since I adore him and his hats, but … Rod Serling’s series that was set in a museum? Yep, that would be a gallery, hence the title, “Night Gallery”.

  2. Lyndal boxcutters says:

    Gsh I thought the same thing Fred. Entourage? Really? I’d Be interested in listening back to the discussion and also I wonder who put it forward for the list?
    The Gallery/musuem thing might be an Australian/US thing as often times what we call a gallery they would call a musuem.

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