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Ep 222: Justified, TV Cliches

In the post coital-type bliss of that flamin’ mongrel Alf taking out the gold Logie, Boxcutters gets back to basics with:

  • Our take on the latest offering from non-pejorative basic-cable channel, FX, Justified, starring Timothy Oliyphant in the titular role as Justin Timberlake in a hat;
  • The shooting down of another TV Cliche seen on many many cop dramas;
  • What Daryl’s whingeing about this week;
  • A quick rundown on the winners and loser, the makers and shakers of the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards
  • Some of your Letters to Boxcutters; and
  • One game-changer of a double shot quiz.

At the tone, make your selection from the following 3 options:

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**News Just In**
*The entire episode is now available for download.
*We had a technical glitch that cut the show off prematurely.
*If you downloaded previously, reset your podcatcher and
*suck it down again.
**Thanks for yr patience.**

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