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Ep 248: Tony Martin, Tim Ferguson, Tom Elliott


There’s not really much more I can add. Have you seen the title of the episode? Tony Freakin’ Martin calls us up to talk about A Quiet Word with Carrie Fisher. We end up talking about all sorts of things but it’s Tony Freakin’ Martin so you’ll listen because he’s a genius.

In case that’s not enough genius for you, Tim Ferguson joins us as cohost and tells us all about his new book. We get into a fight about what’s wrong with Australian screen-based story-telling.

What? You want more? Then we’ve got Tom Elliott telling us all about how James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch are trying to get their mitts into Channel 10.

Really, we pack all of that into one episode.

This week’s question: Can we have any more guests whose name starts with “T” next week? Let us know in an email.

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